Friday 30 November 2007

A week of Christmas Creations!

Hi Everyone!
It's almost December and I am getting into the Christmas groove! lol With my lovely online groups having challenges and swaps in the Christmas theme it sure has gotten me more interested in the season.
I had thought it was going to be a non event for me this year as I am working through much of the holiday period. I didn't want to say no to all the dates they required me at work but it was starting to get depressing as the time nears and I realise I won't get to see my kiddies much over this special time. I put my foot down tho and said no to Christmas Eve and Boxing Day tho they are still trying to get me to change my mind! lol

Anyway, enough of that! Look what I have been up to for my groups!
This first lot of pics are something I made for the WhirledOvWhunOwnlees group in the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge. I am most pleased with it. As you can see it's a pear (as in, Partridge in a Pear Tree) with many of the 'characters' from the song in it.
Here you can see some of the Partridge, the Lords a Leaping and the Swans a swimming!

Here you can see the Drummers Drum, the Golden rings and part of the turtle dove

In this pic you can see the rest of the turtle dove, the Pipers Pipe and a Lady Dancing

Here you can see the Partridge a bit better!

This next photo is for the WOWOwnlees swap, the theme was a Christmas Carol and I chose Away in a Manger. Which pretty much explains the pic. But I made the little manger from cardboard 'planks' and it turned out quite well. With a clay baby and a felted star I used lots of different materials, and it was a lot of fun.

And now on to what else I have been making!
The Christmas Balls were a hit last year, but not good enough for my tastes. This year I am much happier with them. These two in particular turned out well.

This lil guy is one of my favourites, he looks like a bit more of a baby bear!

These ones are a bit more modern, I was making them to put bears on but decided they didn't even need the bears!

I love this one, it kinda has a bit of a gothic feel but still manages to be christmassy. I have someone in particular in mind for this one!

I've made a few bears as well, but I have lots more to make so I will show you those all together next time! I hope I have bought a little christmas into your day and that you have enjoyed seeing what I have been up to this week!

Happy crafting from Liza and the Little Handfuls!

Thursday 8 November 2007

Here's some Bears!!

Hi Everyone and thanks once again for dropping by to visit! I hope you will enjoy your visit even more this month as I am so pleased with these new creations. I seem to have found my felting niche at the moment and I'm really enjoying it. Fingers crossed that it doesn't disappear too soon!

I have experimented with different wools lately and there are a few merino ones in this lot!
Hope you like them! Liza

This little bear is felted from a gorgeous merino blend, I just love the big paw pads!

Snookie is felted from wool I dyed myself! Yay, so pleased with lil ole me! I used Koolaid and it's so easy. I've got more experimenting to do yet tho! :o)

Yes, it is indeed a Mermaid! Rather a big one too, she's about 10 - 11 inches long but sits with her tail curved etc so is about 6 inches tall sitting. She is felted over a wire armature and has soy silk hair!

Not sure if she is completely finished yet, needs fatter arms I think and maybe some embellishing.

Bronson is my favourite this week. He is so sweet, felted from a rather coarse fibre he is nice and scruffy but I just love the toes and the glasses. Doesn't his bow tie suit him so well too!

Camey is my cameo bear, she comes with this gorgeous mini shoe and wears a crochet ruffle at her neck.

Citra is another felted from wool I dyed. I mixed a lovely soft lime shade with a soft orange, I really like the effect. I enjoyed making big eyes again too! :o)

Eddie the Teddy! He's just a basic bear but still a sweetie. He is felted in an apricoty wool and I made him as my example bear for my latest felting class.

This little darling doesn't have a name yet, guess my creativity is sapped a bit today, it's just not coming to me like they usually do. I finished this one a few hours ago, and just love the colours. I suppose I could call her Mandy because of the mandarin colour she is made of!

Ok, hope you liked them all, guess I had better get to the business of making my tags!! Huggles to all!! Liza