Tuesday 13 October 2009

New Little Handfuls

Hi Everyone, hope the coming end of year is bringing some fun and inspiration for you all! It looks like I might be getting to do a christmas market this year, so I will have to get on with the seasonal fare! For now here are some lil fellows I made in the last month or so. Things have slowed down a little lately, dipping my fingers in too many pies perhaps. But I hope you will enjoy these offerings for your enjoyment.

Blu For You
This sweet little boy is felted in 2 shades of blue. He has the sweetest little sad eyes, very expressive bears at the moment
Blu has little hearts on his feet, and lovely big paws.

Chockie was made for an order. I needed to make a bear for someones husband, so thought these colours were suitable male enough.

Betsy Bunny is felted in an interesting new merino, hand dyed here in NZ. It was great to needle as it was slightly coarser than commercial Merino fibres. Check out the embroidered flowers etc on her feet!

Glorious bunny teeth! Just the thing for nibbling on a felted carrot! :o)

Hope my little friends brightened your day a little and thanks so much for dropping by!
Beary huggles, Liza.