Sunday, 11 July 2021

How to Thread Joint your Needle Felted Critters Arms and Legs

 Today I'm sharing a step by step series of photos to help you with your thread jointing.

When we want to make movable joints on a solid felted object we can't add any hardware like cotter pins or plastic joints, we have to 'sew' the parts together.  But we need to do it in a way that allows them to be moved and posed.

When I do thread jointing I like to use dental floss, I've used it for about 20 years and still have my first ever bears.  Floss is easy to tie and very strong.

  First lay your creation out with the parts where you will want them to be when they are attached, so each arm and leg on the side where it will be attached.

Then, taking about 12 inches of floss (I measure it from my wrist to my elbow to save getting a ruler out) thread about 2 inches of the floss through the needle.

Take the needle INTO the inside of the leg, where it will touch the body, and out the other side.

Here you can see the floss going through the leg and the amount of thread left for tying off at the end.  Just leave the end loose for now, about 2 inches or so long.

Next take the needle back into the leg NEXT TO where it came out.  This creates a small stitch but it won't be noticeable.

Come out NEXT TO the tail end of thread on the other side.

You can see here that both threads are now on the 'inside' of the leg and if you put it back next to the body it gives you an idea of where you will now run the thread through the body to attach

Run your needle through from one side to the other.  Check it from all angles to make sure it is sitting straight.

Pull the thread through, the previously threaded leg will pull up next to the body.  Don't pull too firmly.

Now you can go through the other leg and back, just as we did for the first leg.
You can now take the needle back through the body and out at the other side, this should be exiting the body NEXT TO the thread that you can see going in.
PLEASE FOLLOW THE STEPS TO KNOT AND TIE OFF!  DO NOT JUST TIE A KNOT AND CUT THE FLOSS!!  Tie the first half of your knot and PULL FIRMLY.  You should check the placement of the legs now before you finish tying that knot.  Happy with it?  Finish tying the knot but then flip your work over and TIE IT AGAIN on the other side!  We aren't done yet though so DON'T CUT IT YET!
Now take your needle and re-thread the floss back onto it, both pieces.  Once threaded onto the needle, take the point of the needle BETWEEN the leg and the body, push the needle into the body and it can come out anywhere you like, that doesn't matter too much as long as it doesn't come out the other leg!!  :)
Pull it right through, then cut the thread UNDER TENSION, so that means that while you are pulling firmly, you are cutting with your other hand.  A bit fiddly but by doing this the end of the thread will go back into the body and you can't see it!  These legs are NEVER coming off! :)
Now do the same for the arms!

I hope you found this helpful.  I get asked all the time how to do thread jointing and it's so hard to explain, you really need to 'see' it! :)

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Happy felting!


Unknown said...

Some times the most simple technique is not that simple to me or to others. This tutorial was wonderful. Thank you

Liza, creator of Little Handfuls Mini Bears said...

Thank you so much! It was great to hear from you and I'm so glad this was helpful! Happy felting!