Wednesday 26 January 2011

Latest Little Handfuls for 2011

Hi All

Well I promised pics of the new work, so here is Ferdinand and the Shapees (sounds like a strange little band!).

I was given a needle felting book for christmas, all written in Japanese so I have no idea what most of it says, but they make a button jointed bear with smaller feet than my usual so I decided to try that! Result, Ferdinand. He is felted in a lovely natural Romney wool in nice creamy shades.

He has sewn on paw pads, random stitched.

He wears vintage bells around his neck

His buttons are all different, just similar size.
Then there are the Shapees - Shape Ees. I wanted to make something for the upcoming shows that could be picked up by kids or people looking for something other than bears. I decided a range of animals made around the basis of a shape would be kinda fun. So far I have a cube cat and a pyramid mouse.
Cubey Kitty turned out pretty well!
Pyramouse might get some feet or something still.

Hope you enjoyed popping by. I intend to make a bunch more things over the next few months as I won't have time to make much after that. Also, I'm expecting to do a really big show in July, right before I start studying! This is a 3 day show with thousands of visitors so I need heaps on the table! :o) Keep you posted!

Monday 24 January 2011

Hi Everyone

Gosh I can't believe it's been so long since my last post. Problem was I worked so much at the day job over Christmas I just didn't have any interest in doing anything else. I have only just now finished my first bear in 2 mths!! I've been working on something new too, so will show you those in due course.

For now I just wanted to say, Happy New Year from myself and Zachary the Little Handfuls Mascot! We are really looking forward to a bright new year, lots of amazing things happening this year including my going into study again! This time I hope to earn my Bachelor of Teaching for Early Childhood, which is preschoolers. 3 years worth, start in July! So I may be getting even less felting done, necessary but still a bit sad.

Zachary is such a sweetie! He's all kitted out for your winter overseas, but we are still in summer here in New Zealand!

He loves his special hat, it doubles as a scarf!
Nice to have something to play with sometimes too! lol

We look forward to seeing more of you in 2011, watch this space!