Thursday 26 August 2010

And the winner is.......

Hi Folks

Well I did the drawing for our winner tonight so I have a name for you. And I wanted to let you all know what the mystery fibre is too!

As I mentioned no one was getting it right, until we had one post from Jemma who got it right! The mystery fibre is..............


I had thought it was incredible when I found it but had no idea no one else had seen such a fibre before either! It really feels like merino, but it does felt up a bit differently, more like cotton! Actually that's what the little coloured bits are too, cotton!

Cindy was the next closest when she guessed Plastic, so well done to both of you!!


So the winner of Peaches is.......

Samantha Cummings

Samantha, I am pleased to send you my little bear! I also loved the comment that Samantha made in one of her posts: I'm going to say I think Peaches is made of magic!

I got a few other comments like this which I thought were so fun.

Laura thought she was made of cotton candy
GemZ said she was made of 'wool and dreams of my childhood'!
And Angelique sent in a lovely message which was a joy to read, she also said that her guess was Fairy Dusted Angel Hair! lol

So I hope you all had fun, I certainly did and I loved hearing from you all! I intend to run another giveaway and perhaps have a few extra little prizes next time so I hope you will all keep checking back and following my work!

Many, many thanks to all of you for your time and support!


Sunday 22 August 2010

Attention class, please make Laney feel welcome!

Hi Everyone!
Well the giveaway is now closed, I hope to collate everyones entries and make the drawing before the end of the week so stay tuned for that! In the mean time please meet the gorgeous little ballet student I created for my daughters ballet teacher!

Laney is wearing her correct dance uniform of burgandy leotard, pink socks and ballet slippers! Her hair is in a neat bun with a burgandy ribbon. She stands on her wooden dance floor, just like the real one!
She was needle felted over many, many hours in corriedale and merino wools

Her hair is a gorgeous merino/silk fibre with a soft fringe.
Just look at her little pink cheeks!

Here you can see her little bun, her feet are in 'first position' so her legs are jointed in a unique way as this position requires her heels to meet!

Laney can also do the splits!

She is over 4 inches tall and probably my most ambitious works for a long time!
I hope you enjoyed meeting her as much as her teacher is enjoying having her in class! lol

Thursday 12 August 2010

Giveaway Closing Soon!

Hi Everyone! Just a quick reminder that the giveaway for Peaches will be ending on 22 August! I have received so many posts and guesses about what she could be made of! I have to say that only one person has guessed right, so I have withheld that post to tempt you all to keep guessing! Wow, I did say it was a mystery fibre but I didn't realise how much of a mystery it would be! I will give you one clue, it is NOT an animal fibre!!

So happy guessing to all and I will let you know when the drawing is done for our winner!

Introducing a gorgeous new bear! Suki!

Hi everyone!
Yes, I have another bear to show you. This little sweetie is Suki. She is felted from a lovely pastel, hand dyed corriedale wool which turned out so nicely! The purple is a lovely warm shade which I found so hard to get in just the right shade!

She has lovely big eyes and a perfect little magenta coloured nose and features.

Not sure how I ended up with a bow this colour but it just worked for her!

Check out that cute little face!

Could she look any more innocent? :o)
This time it wasn't the cat who decided he needed to sit with me. This is my 10 yr old girl Bonnie and she is very jealous of all the beary attention! What a poser! hehe
Hope you enjoyed seeing my new little friend!

Happy crafting!!


Meet Castello

Hi all, hope life is treating you well!

I just wanted to quickly introduce you to one of my new bears, this is Castello! He is needle felted from two gorgeous purply wools!

The darker colour is a lovely merino/silk blend and I just love his big toes

His nose is embroidered in a random dyed silk which really suits him!
Bye bye, thanks for visiting Castello! :o)