Friday 4 April 2014

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We're Still Here!

It's been a rough 6 mths for Little Handfuls and all who sail in her!  My family and I have had a few ups and downs, we had hoped this year would be better but the start hasn't been so great!

We are plodding on though, and I've finally started creating again!  I've made some lovely new bears, not nearly enough for the upcoming shows but we'll get there!

I don't post on here nearly enough so if you want to see more or be kept up to date better do pop over to my facebook page:

Also, there has been an imposter who has taken the Little Handfuls name that I've created and developed over the past 10 years!  Yup this year is our 10th anniversary.  This person is in the UK so hopefully things won't get too confusing although I do get a lot of his emails as people google Little Handfuls and get me, of course!!  I tried to reason with him before his page went live etc but he wouldn't budge, said I hadn't been around when he checked out the name, yeah right!! So if you come across a strange page with scary looking critters on it that doesn't look familiar, then you are probably on his page and not mine, away as fast as you can!  They seriously freak me out those critters!

I just love my customers, I get so much love and support.  I have people who even write and tell me if someone is copying my work, along with those who continue to buy and compliment my bears and friends.  You are all awesome and I appreciate you all so much!  I don't think I'd be back if it weren't for you!

So here are a few little recent works, hope you will keep dropping by and feel free to write anytime!

Bear hugs