Wednesday, 3 February 2021

2020 was a good year for Little Handfuls.  A lot of gorgeous creations came into being over the course of the year.

My second book also was finally finished and came out at the end of last year in New Zealand.  It will be available now on Amazon for the rest of the world

For 2021 I have even more great plans in mind, as I have been working with students for over a year now I have learnt so much about creating far more than just jointed critters.

If you want to learn how to needle felt and create almost anything you can imagine, please head to my facebook page for more information.  It's super cheap (seriously) and you get so much for your small monthly charge of $8usd.  There's a huge library of classes ready for you to access as soon as you join and you can leave at any time.

2021 is going to be filled with challenges, lows and highs.  I hope you will join me to find a great way to spend your time, keep your spirits up and create something amazing.

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