Thursday, 3 March 2016

It's almost show time!  Little Handfuls is proud to be a part of this wonderful online show which always proves to be a success for both artists and bear lovers alike!

Come along and see all the gorgeous creations, voting starts in a couple of days, you can vote for your favourites in the show!  Then bears are available for adoption from 18 March!

We hope you will come by and you can also visit the facebook page during this time to see more of each bear on offer and find out more about my work!

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Not long to go!

Hi Everyone

It's been some time since I posted here, but hopefully you have been following the facebook page;  there you can see all the latest news and newest bears!

Hopefully you are already aware of my new book which hits the shelves in April this year!  So not long to go now and you could be following along with me, learning how to make lots of different items and eventually creating your own little felted critters!

The idea of my book is to teach you each technique needed for your bears and friends but in a way that you can make something useful or cute as you go.  So learn a skill, create a unique piece to use or give as a gift!

Once you have learnt how to make a jointed bear you are then shown lots of ways to make unique critters to keep your work interesting and show your flair!

If you haven't joined up on the fb page I hope you will pop over and do it now.  Then you can keep getting updates and see sneak previews of the book and other fun items!

Drop by anytime and if you are already felting I am happy to help with anything you might be stuck on or need ideas for.

Happy felting


Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Almost show time


Just a day or so left to vote in the online show preview!  All the bears are up for votes before the buying begins on 19 June!
Pop by and vote as soon as you can!  Then come back after the 19th to buy the bears! :)

Friday, 5 June 2015

Still lots happening

Hi Everyone

I hope you managed to drop in to the last online show, my wee bears just flew out the door as it were as I sold more than half of the show bears along with a few others that were awaiting adoption!

There is another show coming up which I was very lucky to get in to so another 10 new bears will be unveiled in a few weeks!

Remember to keep checking in on my facebook page, you can always see what's new there and I like to post a few teaser pics for the show to keep you guessing.

More news on the upcoming book.  It will be available for sale in the US from April next year.  I'm guessing that will be a worldwide release so I can sell them online anywhere else in the world after that too.  We also have book 2 under way!

Watch this space! ;)

Friday, 9 January 2015

Happy New Year!

Hi everyone!
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year!  There's been a lot of happenings here at Little Handfuls, I'm still working on my book as you can see by the sample cover photo below.  It's almost done and will be at the publishers by March this year.  There are some great new projects in there to get people from beginner to bear artist!

Our puppies are a year old now, they are so much fun and devoted little souls.  They have made our family so much brighter after the awful year we had before they arrived.  Teddy is a chunky little bear and Lottie is her passive aggressive lil sister.

I've got two kids at college this year, quite a shocking development for me.  Wasn't ready for my little girl to start this year.  Choosing a college was excruciating and emotional, glad we got it all sorted.

Hubby is struggling with shift work, his office started putting them on shifts a few months ago and it's been a huge adaption for us all.  Not fun and no idea how long we can handle it!

My day job is a bit of a mess, but having some regular pocket money is helpful, especially when those school fees come in!

I hope you all have got great plans for this year, I hope to start and finish my second book this year and attend some more great shows throughout New Zealand.  I would love to do some outside of the country too, we will just have to see how we go!

Keep coming by and checking out the facebook page  I regularly update that one, not so flash at coming back to the blog I'm afraid!

Much love and best wishes to all