Friday, 30 May 2008

Show's Over!!

Well, it's all over for another year! Actually, only this show is over, I have another one in July! hehe

It went really well, we were surprised to find that we did better on the second day than we did on the first. A number of other bear makers found the same thing. Very odd, but a nice surprise as I had thought we were in for a very slow Sunday by the end of Saturday. I made a nice little wad of cash, more than covered everything and Veronika and I had a great time mucking about and crafting away!

Here you can see my table:

There is Veronika busily felting. I had new signs and you can't really see in the pic but there was a narrow pillar up the left end side of my table so I put a bunch of laminated pictures on there too which was good.

I did rather well in the comps, above you can see Luca won the Judges Choice Bear award. I was so pleased. He's a lovely little fellow and I could have sold him a number of times over since he was created more than a year ago, but I'm rather attached to him.

Here are the other bears who I entered in the comp. All won blue ribbons, not too sure whether that is a good thing or not, they all got around 97/100 which is cool. I even had one of my students enter the comps and she won blues as well. Her work was great!

So that's the Hamilton Show over for one year. Next is the Midwinter Show in Auckland in July and then Dunkleys in Hamilton in August. Once again I met some wonderful people at the show, and many familiar faces. The more shows I do the better I get at picking the bear artists and their work. Was good to see some new sellers but the show wasn't as good as it could have been so not sure if they will be back next year. It's a bit disheartening for your first show to run at a loss, at least for me I live there so I had no extra expenses for that one.

Auckland was great last year so I have my fingers crossed for that one, and Dunkleys is a huge show and my first time there. Trying not to stress over that one yet!

Ok, that's it from me. Until I have new bears to show, although at the moment I am working on some reborn babies! (You might have to look it up if you don't know what those are!)

Happy crafting!!


New Bears for the Show!

Hi Everyone!!
Hows the week treating you?
Things are going really well over here, lots of creating going on! I wanted to show you these fine fellows who were finished just in time for the show.
Jelly Phil and Cara Mel are The Donut Boys! I was inspired to create them after buying these gorgeous accessories. I got 2 little takeaway coffee cups in their holder, and a pack of the most gorgeous donuts, all kinds of toppings and they look so realistic!

This is Cara Mel. He's holding his Caramel sprinkle donut. I can't believe I never tried this wool blend before, the colours look so good together!

Here is Jelly Phil, with his sugar topped Jelly Filled donut. These bears have the biggest bellies ever but it's a bit hard to tell when they have their chubby paws full!
Here are the boys with their gear, the cups even have a holder and everything matches. So darn cute!

This pair are Katie and Kittie. Katie is felted in a gorgeous pastel blend of turquoise, lemon, peach and baby blue. Her pale green suit was crochet by my fabulous friend Rita. She holds onto the sweet little chair where Kittie is taking a nap. That is the smallest little cat I have ever made, something of a challenge she was!

Another in my Delectables range. Raspberry Parfait turned out so well, just look at those little raspberries! And I added sprinkles to this cake. The sweet little bear is felted in a gorgeous pinky red blend of wools and I thought the white embroidery really tied her in well with her cake! Colours are richer than they appear in the pics.

BunBun got a new display to sit amongst. I thought it really suited him, love the little carrot!!

This is Heather, she is sitting on the cutest little polyresin chair with sparkles and metallic paint job. She had to have a feather boa type collar and perches on the edge of the chair quite happily!

Little Tibs got a new outfit too, I thought there was something missing from his look and this suited him really well. He also comes with a wee wirework pram now, so sweet!

Hope you enjoyed seeing the new creations, I had so much fun this week creating and letting the work just flow! Usually I am much more stressed before a show but really cuising this year!



Monday, 12 May 2008

Nearly show time! Time for some new friends!

Hello again my faithful followers! lol Nice to see you here again!

This week I have a few new friends to show you and there are lots on the way as it's nearly show time again! Only 2 weeks to go until the Hamilton Doll, Teddy Bear and Craft show!

This 2 day event is gearing up to be especially good this year with new organisers and lots of new ideas, including (much to my relief and joy) the return of the competitions. So I have 7 bears entered and I am most excited to be finally competing!! I will take lots of pics at the show for you but for now here are some of my newest friends.

Here is something new! This Fawn was made using some new sculpting ideas I found online, he has that lovely bandy legged baby look to him with wire in his legs and the sweetest little tail.

Filbert is my latest favourite, he is felted from plum and pink/lavender shades of wool. He has the sweetest little face and is a bit different I think!

Well it was time for another Anime bear, so here is Hannah, she is felted in a deep blue with a rose pink. She now has a sparkly necklace and blue bow by her ear!

Do you think I have enough Pipe Cleaner bears?? I decided it would be good to fill out the table and have some cheaper items for folks at the show. I tried a few new things this time round with a poodle, bumble bee, squirrel and cat.

Well, that's it for now. I will have more pics for you soon as I already have another 2 bears waiting their turn!

Thanks for popping by again, hope you enjoyed your visit!