Friday, 19 December 2008

Who is available for adoption??

Hi all, because I have still not been able to update my website I thought it time to show you a few of my furry friends who are still looking for homes. Below you will find photos of some of my bears and their price in NZ dollars (please visit for exchange rates). There are many more bears but these are some of my best.
Let me know if you want more photos of any or more info. Payment is through paypal for those outside New Zealand.

Ping Panda and his porcelain egg - felted in blue and white $55nzd
Ugly Duckling - felted in natural grey with black and his brown and green 'grass' $65nzd

Peaches and her goose egg box - felted in hand mixed shades to compliment her apricot egg with a vintage lace 'tutu' $70nzd

Glitter - felted in black berry wools wtih pink sparkly embroidered accents and bling in his belly! $45nzd

The White Rabbit - a large sculpt approx 6 inches tall. Complete with red waistcoat and blue blazer with a yellow bow tie! (Postage will be more for this size) $85nzd

Princess Jewely - felted in a deep plum with big stitched nose and gorgeous jewels $55nzd

Tamarillo - felted in blood red merino blends with gorgeous multi coloured embroidered accents $50nzd

Handbag bears - felted in merino and silk these bears are all available currently and come with their little matching bags. $55nzd each

Tang - felted in gorgeous orangey merino and silk, he is a lovely wee bear $55nzd

Oliver - a larger bear, approx 4 inches long. Very sculpted in chocolate wool with his blue and white knitted hat and scarf. $60nzd

More up for adoption!

Lurple - felted in lime green and purple $55nzd
Tibbs - felted in plum with a baby blue crochet suit and optional wire pram $40nzd bear or $60 incl pram

Katie and Kitty - felted in multi pastel wool and wearing a soft green crochet suit, comes with wee felted kitty curled up on wire wicker chair $65nzd

Hannah - deep blue and rose anime bear with pretty 'sapphire' necklace $60nzd

Fruit Salad - comes with his cake, he is felted in greens and sits holding onto a strawberry, he is removeable $65nzd

Filbert - sculpted in 2 shades of plum with fine features, he's a real stunner $70nzd

Floaties - comes with his air clay 'pool' and felted on arm floaties. He has sunblock on his nose and is just so sweet! $65nzd

Dress Ups - all dressed up in Mums pretty skirt and pearls, felted in soft pastels $45nzd

Blossom Bunny - felted in lavender and pink pastels with a pretty pink quartz star $45nzd

Alpie - felted in pure NZ Alpaca fibre and winner of a blue ribbon at his first show! $65nzd
Please mail me for more photos or information about any of these bears!
There are many more available and no time to show them all! :o)

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Meet Daisy!

Hello again, I wanted to show off my latest creation. Daisy was made to order and I had so much fun with her. She is felted from Ashfords new Butterscotch coloured corriedale and is just under 3 inches tall. The bumble bee looks better in real life as the photos enlarge it somewhat, it's actually only about half a centimetre long!

Daisy has a patch on her belly with a daisy on it!
I have been inspired to create a line of bears with embellished pockets on their bellies! Lots of ideas to work with on that one!