Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Name that bear!

Hi Everyone!

I have to say a big thank you to all the lovely folks who are following my blog now, there are 45 of you and I think that's just awesome!!

Also a big, huge thank you to those who are consistently commenting and sending me lovely compliments on my work! I do so appreciate it and you are so good for my soul! I find that making these little guys and girls is a very isolating pass time. I normally create in the evenings but find I am making time during the day as well now. But this just means that I am sitting in my lounge on my own working away and while I do love it I don't have anyone to share my work with. Sometimes my Mum will pop over, but she makes no attempt to sugar coat if she doesn't like something, she just says "Oh no, that's not to my taste at all!" and I'm standing there all excited to show her so suddenly the wind is knocked out of me and my smile falls off! lol

Hubby is probably typical of husbands who have seen a mountain of what they consider to be the same old thing. He will say it's nice but doesn't really 'get' it. Hardly bother to show him any these days!

And I have one friend who I see once a week, so I can show them to her, she can be a bit like Mum sometimes, but at least she's honest and a little more tactful than dear old Mum! :o)

So on that note, I know hope you will all be jolly wonderful about my newest addition. (I think she's pretty darn perfect actually) So here she is and if anyone has an idea for a lovely name that will suit her please send me a comment as I am finding myself at a bit of a loss with her!

Needle Felted from Ashfords new merino/silk colour, Poppyseed

A lovely lady I found at a show makes the little lace collars! Isn't it gorgeous? She does lots of other things too so keep an eye out for bonnets and hats!

I stitched her nose from a mix of rusty red and sparkly pink threads!

I wanted to try the big toe pads I did on a previous bear! They turned out great!!
She's just a little handful! :o)

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Please welcome Blossom!

Hi Everyone!

Thanks so much for dropping by or choosing to receive my updates!! You won't be sorry you did today as I have a gorgeous new addition to the Little Handfuls Hug to show you!

Blossom is needle felted from a hand blended mix of merino wools that I found and just knew would go together well!

Mint, lavender and butter yellow, now would you have thought they could come together so well? :o)

She has the sweetest little face! Just look at those big dark eyes!
Hearts on her little feet and a big lavender 4 leaf clover pendant!
I did her nose a slightly brighter colour in magenta! I think it worked well!
There's that perfect little heart! Merino is great for nice clean lines!
Doesn't she just make you say 'awwwwwwwwwwwww'
I'm rather smitten and hope she doesn't sell too fast which always seems to happen with my favourites! Just can't say no to my loyal customers! :o)
I actually have more to show but wanted to give Blossom a showcase of her own! Feeling very inspired at the moment and getting lots done! Hope all is well with you and yours, Liza

Monday, 21 June 2010

Handfuls of Handfuls! :o)

Hi Everyone! Hope all is well in your world!! Sun is shining, birds are singing, kids are behaving (none of the above? Sounds like my world then! lol)

We are right into winter now, it's always very wet where we live, notorious for wet winters, damp, windy springs, humid summers and stormy autums! Sound fab to you? Lets do a houseswap then!! :) I'm soooooooo over it!!

So while I'm pouring cough syrups down my 8 yr old and trying to keep socks on my 4 yr old I've somehow managed to do some bears as well! (I've given up telling my 11 yr old what to do, he apparently is the most hard done by kid in the world, fancy not getting to play computer games all day, oh the horror!!)

But I digress!!

Here is Kenneth! He is felted from a very interesting Alpaca fibre, it's much coarser than my lighter coloured alpacas but it's a nice teddy colour!

He's well dressed in his vest and 'tie'

I've realised I should photograph my bears in hand slightly differently, looks good!
This is Max, he is felted in a neat romney hand dyed blend!
I do love my unique hand dyed wools!

CandyFly is felted for an order, not sure if she is up to the customers expectations yet, but she has turned out ok.

Very girly isn't she?

Ben is my current favourite. If felted him in Ashfords new Spice coloured merino/silk.
I did his head nice and round and it gives him a neat little teddy look!

Hope you enjoyed visiting my latest furry friends! I have something very cheerful and fun on the way soon (touch wood) so hope to show you that very shortly!

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Invasion of the Puddy Tat

I was attempting to take some photos last week of my new bears when my darling Marmalade Tomcat named Milo came along to give me some smooching! I had so much trouble taking the photos as he kept bunting my arms and hands!

After a few minutes of laying it on REAL thick he realised that food was not forthcoming so he decided to get right in my face where I couldn't miss him. So he jumped up on the chair/backdrop and proceeded to show my bears some gorgeous, ginger puddy love!

Isn't he beautiful? He's so big, bigger than my (admittedly small breed) dogs! And we weighs a ton. He also has the biggest Meow and has figured out how to knock on the door, this involves him sitting up on his back legs and hitting the door with both front legs at once. It's remarkably loud and on nights when I am on my own with hubby working late, a loud bang on the door scares the wits out of me!
If he falls asleep ontop of you in bed it's all over, forget about rolling him off, he sticks like glue and if it's light enough to see you will notice him giving you the 'how dare you?' look. Pays to shut up and go to sleep! lol He's a total honey tho, big purrs and lots of dribbles. He's scared of almost everything and everyone except his family! Although NO ONE is allowed to touch his tummy, which is very hard as he is always sleeping on his back with his legs open, (very elegant) curly belly showing and you aren't allowed to touch it!! Attempting to do so results in a lesson in just how fast the boy can move, and teethmarks somewhere on your hand! :o( Big Meanie, I mean really, he shouldn't go showing it off if we can't touch!!
Ok, thats enough about my hunka burnin puddy! We actually have so many pets that if I wrote as much about each one I could print it up and call it a novel! :o)
Thanks for suffering through my waffle, next post will be more bear related I promise! hehe

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Golly Gosh

Helloooo! I'm back and this time I have some new little friends of the Golly persuasion! The last (and may I add first) golly I made was from a kit, so not really to my tastes and I had been put of making anymore! But I had an order for one so having trawled the internet for pics in the hopes of inspiration I decided I had to make a matching pair!

These two are felted in merino/alpaca blend with black corriedale
Don't you love the turquoise pants?
The little pinafore was store bought felt I embellished

Getting them the same size was challenging

The do make a sweet pair don't you think?

So here's hoping the customer is happy with them, I certainly am and I hope you enjoyed dropping by to meet them!