Friday, 18 December 2009

Arts Festival

Well, the festival may have been a flop but I thought I would share the pikkies with you as we initially had a rather fun day! Sadly, because they changed us to Sunday instead of Saturday due to the threat of rain, no one came down. Even worse, Saturday turned out to be a lovely sunny day with only 1 shower! :o(

That would be me standing at my table!

Me acting the goat at my table!

Here are some piks of the work I had on offer.

I just love Billy and Buddy in their vintage tin trucks!

Unfortunately one of my gorgeous terracotta hand bowls got broken before we even set up!
So all in all, not my best show, considering we didn't sell even one thing!! But no one else did very well either, with the bulk of our visitors being the other stall holders! lol We are always the best customers as we can see how much work has gone into other peoples pieces!
I'm still looking forward to the big one, coming up in May next year, our Doll and Bear show!! Yay, the theme is Lavender and Lace this year! Hmmmmmmm Thinking cap ready for 'on' after Christmas! lol
I hope to do one more post before christmas but if I don't get to do it, Merry Christmas to you all and thank you so much for continuing to follow my blog/work and all your encouragement throughout the year!! muah!!!

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Gorgeous new Bears and more!


Hope you are all plodding along nicely with your christmas creations!! My fair for the market is going well. Thanks to a lovely friend reminding me about my badges I have done a number of them and think they will sell ok! Nice to have things to appeal to more folk and have some cheaper items too!

And now to the latest bears. This one was made for an order, she turned out really well and the customer is very happy with her too! Phew!

Suzanne is felted in cupcake coloured corriedale from Ashfords! I am loving the bigger beads for eyes at the moment, luckily so as I can't get the smaller ones anymore!

Little Molly with her Dolly is felted in Ashfords gorgeous merino/silk blend. It gives a lovely finish even if it does take much longer to felt down!
Frankie is felted in a lovely natural wool which I had just enough of lying around. Not sure what breed it is, but the colouring is like alpaca so I really liked it! Felted much easier than my alpaca fibres! :o)

One of my badges, the snail is a sweetie!

Lil fairy is going to be a hit I think, have lots of similar ones too!

Ok, gotta run, time to get to Kindy! Hope you liked these latest offerings, I have more pics to take yet too! But with the market just 2 weeks away and more things to create, tag and photograph not sure I will get time to put them on here for a while!
Say 'Hi' to your Mum for me!!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

New Little Handfuls

Hi Everyone, hope the coming end of year is bringing some fun and inspiration for you all! It looks like I might be getting to do a christmas market this year, so I will have to get on with the seasonal fare! For now here are some lil fellows I made in the last month or so. Things have slowed down a little lately, dipping my fingers in too many pies perhaps. But I hope you will enjoy these offerings for your enjoyment.

Blu For You
This sweet little boy is felted in 2 shades of blue. He has the sweetest little sad eyes, very expressive bears at the moment
Blu has little hearts on his feet, and lovely big paws.

Chockie was made for an order. I needed to make a bear for someones husband, so thought these colours were suitable male enough.

Betsy Bunny is felted in an interesting new merino, hand dyed here in NZ. It was great to needle as it was slightly coarser than commercial Merino fibres. Check out the embroidered flowers etc on her feet!

Glorious bunny teeth! Just the thing for nibbling on a felted carrot! :o)

Hope my little friends brightened your day a little and thanks so much for dropping by!
Beary huggles, Liza.

Thursday, 20 August 2009

Whats New!

Ok, in an attempt to forget my current woes here are some pics of my latest work.

I recently had to make up some samples for a 4 day workshop, so the first ones are a few examples of what we could do over that long weekend. I have something else in the works but don't want to show until it's finished!

These are just some basic wet felted soaps, done with merino, very easy

This ornament is just a ball on a base, it does take a long time to felt it down nice and hard, but then you can decorate it as you wish!

Badges! This was free form onto commercial felt from a photo

This was done using water soluble fabric for the pattern and felting onto a commercial piece of felt. Really pleased with how this works, you could do almost anything with this method!

Henry was felted for my last One day class as an example of the gorgeous romney wool we were using. He is a big boy, almost 4 inches, and he has lovely features!

Twit Twoo is a birdy type thing, another example of decorating a ball

Harley is one of my new favourites. I actually made him during the one day class, his head wasn't felted as hard as I usually would, but it meant that his eyes sank further in giving him a different look. I really like how he finished up!

Gnome Girl!! It had to be done, had seen a pic of one and had to do one for myself. She turned out ok I think. I had to make a second face for her as wasn't happy with the first one!

Finn is a real baby looking bear. He was felted in the same romney we used for the day class. It's amazing how many different looking bears you can get from the same supplies!

Hope you enjoyed looking at the new work. I've just donated 2 bears to a charity auction which is being held in Sept, so hope those go well!
Thanks once again for your interest in my work, I really do appreciate it and all the lovely comments that are sent my way are a balm for my soul!
Beary huggles,

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Latest Bears!!

Hello All!
Time for another update! I thought you might like to see 2 of my latest little bears who I am really pleased with but a little nervous if their new 'Mummies' will like them!

Firstly meet Giselle. She is a sweet little girl bear who wants to be a ballerina when she grows up! She is wears her tutu everywhere she goes and is always leaping and dancing around the house!

Giselle is felted from 2 shades of hand dyed corriedale wools from one of my favourite cottage crafts people!

She has ribbons laced up her little legs, and just look at those amazing tiny rosettes.
I have never seen any so small! She's just gorgeous I think!

Now meet Cody. This darling little boy is wearing his merino pjs and hat. He likes to hang
out with his invisible friend Jack and is always trying to lend a hand at home!

Don't you just love the little pompoms and his sweet little face?

I'm so pleased with Cody, he took a lot of time to sculpt and his corriedale base is covered
lavishly with a merino/silk blend for his pjs and hat, with angora bunny
fibre on his little hat also!

I do hope their new owners are really happy with them, and if they are reading this Yay!! Tell me what you think! :o) lol
Lots on this month. I have a day class out of town which I have almost finished organising. Just as well as it's only a week away! :o) I also managed to create a whole load of work for myself by offering to join in as a tutor for a 4 day craft weekend. And now I have to make up some samples of what we would make over the 4 days. Unless they are good standard I won't get in, but also I have to come up with things that I haven't taught before and don't know how long they will take to make! Eeekk! So lots of experimenting to do in just one week!
Also trying not to worry about driving out of town. It is one year this month since I started driving (yes, I AM 35, truly) and I still haven't driven at 100k yet! lol I'm sure it will be fine! Really,,,,,just fine! eekk
Ok, that's all from me! Back to cooking dinner, feeding dogs, cats and assorted rodents. Trips to school, kindy and the vet. Housework, protest rally (That reminds me, if you are in NZ write to parliment to stop them cutting our night classes!!! We need support to keep the classes running! :o) and then I have work on the weekend again! yay!
Much bear love and happiness to all! Put your feet up for me! :o)

Friday, 24 July 2009

Latest work!

Hello again!! Thought I would share some of my latest little furry friends with you! I have been so pleased with some of the new work, and there is more to come as I work on some new ideas right now!

Hope you like these offerings!

This little tacker is Tac, he is felted in a gorgeous spectrum blend with turquoise accenting. Only little, Tac is under 3 inches tall. $45nzd
Miss Bearington was made for a lovely lady who left our work recently. I wanted to make something ladylike just like her new owner. One of a kind, no copies.

Beth was just completed for an order. The lady wanted something for a baby girl so I thought this was suitably girly. I'm really pleased with her!

Benji was completed a month or so back but I wasn't totally happy with him. So I added some whites to his eyes and now he looks so sweet! Felted in a pastel spectrum blend, he is very unique! $50nzd

This fine fellow, I feel, needs something else, so I am on the look out for clothing or other accessories that might suit. Felted from pure Alpaca in a lovely shade of apricot! Stay tuned for his finished photos!
I hope you enjoyed looking through the new pics. Much more to come. And I do apologise for adding prices to the available bears which I wouldn't normally do, but it saves me writing endless emails when people contact me about them. Sales are going well at the moment! :o)
Beary hugs to all!

Monday, 20 July 2009

Currently available Bears!

Hi all

Here are some bears that are currently awaiting adoption here at Little Handfuls. If you would like more info about any of them please feel free to ask. You can also click on the pics to see nice big versions of them! Thanks for dropping by!

Filbert, felted in 2 shades of mauve he is just gorgeous $65nzd
Tibbs and his wirework pram are $65nzd, love the crochet suit!

Alpie is felted in natural Alpaca fibre, he is a blue ribbon winner and just $60nzd

Tamarillo is felted in an amazing blend of merino wools, very unique with his multi coloured embroidered features to compliment his look. $65

Jinx is quite different with his big eyes and sculpted features. he is felted in blue and mauve! $45nzd

Camey is felted in a blend of wools to make apricot to match her gorgeous cameo resin shoe. They make a stunning display, $55nzd

Ugly Duckling stands on his wee bit of land, he is a true one of a kind

Princess Jewelly is a truely elegant bear. She wears her gorgeous sparkles with style. Felted in deep plum shades she is $65nzd

Peaches is another very unique bear. She was made to match the gorgeous goose egg box below. Felted in a hand mixed blend of wools and with vintage lace they make a gorgeous display anyway you arrange them.

$75nzd including gift box.

$45 Bears (NZD)

These bears are priced at $45nzd

Butterscotch! Felted in a lovely shade of wool, he is quite different!

DimSun is an anime bear in rust and white

Bumble is a tiny 1 inch bear in a flower ring box

Plum is also just 1 inch tall and in his flower ring box

Kimmy is just under 2 inches tall and felted in mauve