Sunday, 22 July 2007

Shows over! Look who's up for adoption!

Hi all!

Well the show is over, and it went really well! I had a wonderful time and met some fabulous people! There was so many gorgeous bears to see, along with all the lovely dolls. Very talented artists.

But, now it's back to the usual grind and I have some new and newish friends up for adoption. I am totally running out of room with all these sweeties about the house!

Please take a look below, each bear has his or her name below their picture. Let me know who you like and I can send you more pics or tell you more about your choice. Payment is via paypal for those outiside of NZ, locals can pay by bank deposit or cash on collection!

Thanks so much to everyone for their kind comments on my work and your support through my last two shows!



Up for Adoption

100's and 1,000's, from my Handful of Cookies Range

Aunt Flo, wears a shawl and embroidered skirt

Puck, gorgeous lavender baby bear

Boo Who, wee bear out trick or treating with his punkin basket

Pat the Cat. fixed limbs

Bears up for adoption!!

Glitter, one of my Handful of Bling bears

Molly. Comes with her sweet little balloon

Ruby, felted in fabulous blended hand dyed wool

Sandy, comes with his beach bag and shell necklace

Mr Funny Pants the Clown