Friday, 26 March 2010

Vintage Therapy

Meet the latest in my Vintage line of mini bears!

Winston is a very proper bear, with his collar and bow tie I am reminded of a butler!

Tubby Teddy is a big, round, gorgeous fellow!

Bethany is a lovely girl bear wearing a sweet crochet dress!

Hope you enjoyed meeting my new friends!

Friday, 12 March 2010

Think Vintage!

It's time to try something new, which is kind of ironic as it's actually something rather old! I wanted to make some vintage style bears. It seems that most collectors have a bigger interest in this style, moreso than my usual rather 'out there' bears! So, in an attempt to please everyone, as usual, here are my latest efforts!

Bruin is felted in a lovely natural romney wool, it has neat flecks and and random hairs in it!

Bruin wears a felt shirt with vintage trims and black ribbon. Both bears have shading added.

Tomsk is a sweet little fellow wearing his little felt overalls and hat
Heather is not done in the same style, I had finished her before the 'vintage' struck me, but she still needed something extra, so I added the lovely lacy trims
Her nose was a lot of fun! And the lace is devine!

I hope you enjoyed visiting my latest work! I intend to make rather a few more vintage style bears as the next show isn't too far away! In May we have the Doll and Bear show and I only take my best work to that one! Plus there are comps to enter!!
Happy crafting!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Arts Circle, Hamilton, NZ 2010

Hi all, just wanted to show how how my table looked for the recent show/festival! I had quite a lot of stock but thought they looked pretty good, not too crowded! So here are some shots of my table and then some of the street performers who were running about Alice in Wonderland style!

Remember you can click on the pics for bigger images

Alice and playing cards

Queen of Hearts

The Duchess and the March Hare

And the White Rabbit