Thursday, 30 August 2007

Welcome to Sanderson!

Sanderson is felted in a gorgeous new shade of blue called Sky.
I just loved working with it!

I even managed to knit another hat and scarf just for him!
Remember all my bears are for sale so if you are interested it

is worth writing to find out if the one you like is still available!

Meet my new little furry friend!

Meet Rocky, my latest Little Handful!
This little guy is felted from a gorgeous blend of fibres.
Alpaca, Merino and Silk all mix to make this
gorgeous coffee coloured fibre. I mixed
the colours for his nose too which looks great!

Rocky was inspired by this gorgeous vintage Avon

perfume bottle which is still full!

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Here is even more new work!

Hello all!

Just wanted to share some more pics of new bears. These ones are mostly not available, actually only the White Rabbit is still looking for a new home. Benny is sitting in a gift store awaiting purchase along with Sugar, Pandarina and a few others from below. Sunny was made to order for a lovely lady, and so was Willamina who was made to match William a wee while back.

Sugar Plum was made to order also and I am having such a hard time sending her on her way! I'm such a silly thing, getting attached to these little sweeties.

I was so pleased with Benny I am working on another hatted bear at the moment. I really am not a knitter so I was pleased that the items ended up looking like what they were made to be!! hehe

Ok, I'm outta here. Needles are calling me!



Some new work!

Benny Bear in his sweet hat and scarf!

Sugar Plum the Fairy Bear

Sunny the Sunflower bear

William and Willamina

The White Rabbit

Thursday, 16 August 2007

New Bears up for Adoption!

Hi Everyone!

What a busy week, I have made so many new bears and I think they are some of my best work ever. I have uploaded pics of the ones that are still available as some have sold already, and put up some pics of other bears also which haven't been shown before.

Sugar, Trinket, Punam and Pandarina are my favourites this week, they are just so special. I hope you will enjoy visiting them.

If you view the entire blog by clicking on the 'older posts' link at the bottom of the page, please note that the following bears are adopted already. Tippy, Trinket, Bao Ling and Puck.

Thanks so much for your continued interest!



Some New Work!!

An adorable wee character, this is Bilbo

Ducky sure is something a bit different!

This is my Garden Scene, please mail me for more pics

A very special wee girl, this is Trinket in her Goose Egg box.

Trinket is felted from a gorgeous blend of colours and wears an vintage lace tutu

This little sweetie is Sugar!

Please meet Princess Jewely

This sweet little fellow is Punam!

A precious panda named Pandarina

Feets Too Big is a very special fellow