Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Here is even more new work!

Hello all!

Just wanted to share some more pics of new bears. These ones are mostly not available, actually only the White Rabbit is still looking for a new home. Benny is sitting in a gift store awaiting purchase along with Sugar, Pandarina and a few others from below. Sunny was made to order for a lovely lady, and so was Willamina who was made to match William a wee while back.

Sugar Plum was made to order also and I am having such a hard time sending her on her way! I'm such a silly thing, getting attached to these little sweeties.

I was so pleased with Benny I am working on another hatted bear at the moment. I really am not a knitter so I was pleased that the items ended up looking like what they were made to be!! hehe

Ok, I'm outta here. Needles are calling me!



1 comment:

Vee said...

I love coming to check out all your new little guys Liza. You are very prolific.... I am like a sloth in comparison.

No needle felting just now either for me as I am trying to get the face done for a doll challenge. If I can't get the face "look" I am striving for... say, in the next week..forget it...I won't have enough time anyway. Then, I will be busy felting again....which is more fun anyway most of the time...lol