Saturday, 29 May 2010

New Friends

Hi Everyone! Time to share some new work with you all! Winter is settling in and we are in for frosty mornings, ice on the windscreen and lots of blankies at night!


So I will pretend it's not here as much as I can, and sit creating some friendly folk to keep me company! :o)

Meet some of my new friends:

This is Squeekers! My first felted rat! He has lovely long limbs and a long pink tail!

Pippin is felted in a gorgeous imported wool blend, its really different!

Magnus was created during my last felting class, the girls did really well with their creations too. Magnus was sold as soon as class finished to one of the school locals! :o) He is the best standing bear I have made and I hope his name sake will love him!

This little fellow is very bright in Living Felt Merino batts!

Ashley is felted in a natural wool, I loved the random cream and brown ash colouring!

Well, that's it from me this week! I do have some more Momiji/Kokeshi dolls to share tho! Stay tuned for those!
Happy crafting,

Monday, 17 May 2010

Shows over Folks, move along!

Well that's it, all over for another year! Was a great weekend out, lots of lovely bear and dolly people to chat to! Lovely customers with high praises are always well received too. It's great to watch people as they discover your table, the smiles on their faces as they meet each little chap. They point and giggle to their friends, "Look at this one, OH I just love his little toes" "This one has such a big belly!" or "They are all so different, how can I possibly choose!" My friend Veronika and I had a lot of fun enjoying others enjoying MY work! :o)

Below are some pics of my table, my bears with their awards, and a couple of show favourites!

Remember you can click on the photo above to see a bigger version of it!

This is Ezekiel, I made him to fit in this huge black velour chair! He's probably my biggest jointed bear! He was picked up so many times!!

Suzy and Suzette her sheep. Everyone wanted to buy poor little Suzette away from Suzy, I couldn't do it, they have to be together! (I don't know why, she won't tell me! LOL)

Here are my 3 bears with their blue ribbons! So pleased!
So now I will list a whole bunch of extra bears in online auctions. Having talked to some of the bear ladies I think I am finally going to try the 'less is more' approach to my table. So hard for me tho, I love filling up the table with colour and not hiding any of my work. But it is a bit overwhelming for the customers, often if they come back a second time they see things they never saw the first time! Time for a revamp!!
I'm back to working on my special project now too, so hope to have pics of him soon!

Friday, 14 May 2010


Hey Folks!
Thanks for dropping by! If you haven't noticed I'm a little bit jazzed about the show which is starting tomorrow! Have to set up this afternoon so it's pretty much 3 days of me bouncing about with glee! lol I didn't sell very well at last years show, which got me down a bit by the end of the weekend. But it's so much fun just being there, chatting to like minded people, meeting folks who love your work and not having to worry about dishes, laundry or feeding small children for a few hours! :o)

I will probably be disappointed if it's a slow one again this year, I have gone into it thinking this is my last time if things don't pick up. Very expensive to be there, local markets are cheaper and I did sell well at the last one of those I went to..........hmmmmmmm. So hard to decide! But hey, really it's just once a year!!

So on that happier note, here is a little of my latest works....

I'm lovin this little guy, Pookie is felted from Merino Cross batts that I got from Living Felt online store! Totally recommend them, they felt well and have great colours! He's so sweet!!

Ocean! What can I say, he has the most photogenic face I've created in ages! I just love the way his pics came out. Funny because I wasn't that enamoured with him before hand!

He looks such a rascal, felted in the same batts as Pookie, the blue greens are gorg!!

Latest brainwave! Momiji dolls! I read of a challenge in one of my online felting groups, Kawaii Critters! So had to find out what style Kawaii was and came across these, made of wood and with a little message inside traditionally. But they felt up great and my students are dying to make them for their last project this term! I can't wait to see what they come up with!

Prototype Momiji! She's way too big for the girls in class to make, but having trouble doing them smaller! :o) She's the best so far!

Well, that's about it from me. Just dropped off the bears that are below for their judging in the Comps! Wished them luck and sent them on their way! I do hold great hopes for my hippo as I am really pleased with how she turned out! That bottom jaw is fab! Not to mention the outfit!
Will drop by again after the show and let you know how it all went! Hope you are still awake, knock knock!! (Told you I can waffle Vee! lol)
Happy crafting!!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

It's Show Time again!!

Hi all! Just wanted to check in and let you know that I'm still here and working hard for the upcoming show!

Just over a week to go now, it's on the 15 & 16 May! So I've probably made all the new bears I have time for now, just have lots of tags to make!

Fingers crossed this one is really good. Things have been pretty slow on the show front, I'm selling pretty well through my blog and website tho, with a few in the local stores too! Looking forward to the comps, although I've only entered 3 critters this time. My gorgeous Abner, Henrietta Hippo (had to enter her!) and I did one bear in the theme, Lavender and Lace, her name is Heather.

Abner is felted from natural Romneys

Henrietta is felted in a gorgeous merino blend.

Heather is felted in 2 shades of pink, love the purply nose!

You've probably seen them before but wanted to show what I was talking about! So wish them luck as they head off to do their Mama proud! :o)

As we head into winter over here my poor fingers stiffen up a bit with the cold and felting isn't so easy! I guess many of you reading this are now in Spring/Summer, hope you are enjoying the warmth! Take care of it and send it back to me soon, I miss it so! lol