Wednesday, 5 May 2010

It's Show Time again!!

Hi all! Just wanted to check in and let you know that I'm still here and working hard for the upcoming show!

Just over a week to go now, it's on the 15 & 16 May! So I've probably made all the new bears I have time for now, just have lots of tags to make!

Fingers crossed this one is really good. Things have been pretty slow on the show front, I'm selling pretty well through my blog and website tho, with a few in the local stores too! Looking forward to the comps, although I've only entered 3 critters this time. My gorgeous Abner, Henrietta Hippo (had to enter her!) and I did one bear in the theme, Lavender and Lace, her name is Heather.

Abner is felted from natural Romneys

Henrietta is felted in a gorgeous merino blend.

Heather is felted in 2 shades of pink, love the purply nose!

You've probably seen them before but wanted to show what I was talking about! So wish them luck as they head off to do their Mama proud! :o)

As we head into winter over here my poor fingers stiffen up a bit with the cold and felting isn't so easy! I guess many of you reading this are now in Spring/Summer, hope you are enjoying the warmth! Take care of it and send it back to me soon, I miss it so! lol


Heather said...

That hippo is just toooo cute!
Good Luck at the show!

~da tigger~ said...

Good luck for the show Liza!! I was so hoping to get up there for the show this year, but we are now seriously looking at moving out of Palmerston North (HOPEFULLY up to the Waikato region.. YAY!), so every single cent is currently going towards that. Will just have to make do with the Palmy Doll and Bear show next month I guess!
Gorgeous lil critters as usual... that hippo is darling!!