Tuesday, 20 July 2010

New baby bears to show you!!

Hi Everyone!

Well while you are wracking your brains over what my little bear Peaches may be made of, here is some eye candy for you to coo over!

Buddy and Bella are sweet little baby bears, needle felted from a gorgeous corriedale fibre in plum for Buddy and Blue for Bella! They turned out so well, I made Bella first and then decided I could try making a matching partner from the other wool. I surprised myself that I got them so similar as it's quite tricky to even get bears the same size with needle felting! :o)

This is Buddy! He has a gorgeous mini knitted beret he can wear lots of ways!
His corresponding wool is a beige/cream natural wool! Don't you love his bright purple nose!!

They look so sweet together!

Bella wears a lovely silk flower and vintage ribbon/trim I found somewhere!

They both have those big, innocent eyes!
Hope you enjoyed visiting! Keep guessing on the giveaway, shall I give you a clue? No one has guessed right yet!! Yikes!! You still get entries for guessing tho! lol
Happy crafting to all

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Give Away! You could win Peaches!

Hi Folks!

I'm very excited and pleased to announce that Little Handfuls is running my first Give away!
You could win this gorgeous little bear, Peaches!
Peaches is needle felted from a gorgeous apricot corriedale fibre and a mystery fibre in peach with little dots of other colours!
You can see all the colours in her here! Now you just have to figure out what the mystery fibre is, follow my blog and send others to do the same!

Here is a pic of Peaches with the fibre I made her from!
So, here is how you enter!
1. Follow my blog, only followers can enter!
2. post a comment to this entry telling me what you think she is made from, you can guess as many times as you like!
3. ensure I can contact you if you win so leave me some contact details with your post!
4. For an extra entry you can find me on facebook and post guesses on my fanpage!
5. Promote me!! Let me know if you have promoted my giveaway on your website, blog, facebook page, or where ever! I will pop by and check it out and you will get another entry!
Entry is open from right now until 22nd August.
So start guessing!! This should be so much fun and I can't wait to hear from every one!
If you haven't seen my work before please feel free to drop me a line, ask questions, check out my main website too www.mylittlehandfuls.com to see my gallery of work!

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Dougal joins the Little Handfuls Hug!

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for dropping by! I have a lovely new friend for you to meet. His name is Dougal and he is needle felted from the most gorgeous, natural New Zealand corriedale wool ever! I'm a big one for hand dyed wools so I surprised even myself recently when I fell in love with this beautifully carded fibre at a local craft show! It is a lovely soft cream with a beige ripple running through it!

I also found a lovely teal crochet thread at a thrift market and had been holding on to it for just the right bear!

The lighting isnt the best, it got dark before I was done!
Dougal has the sweetest nose and vintage blue and pewter coloured ribbon.

Don't you love his teal ruffle? (yes, you are supposed to see the stitches! lol)

I'm so pleased with him and I hope you enjoyed meeting him too! It's been a busy week of school holidays, playing pirates and trying to entertain 3 children! Next week it's the movies and the Zoo so it should be fun! Of course I am working all weekend so have to get through that first! I guess I can rest when my youngest starts school in October! lol
Happy crafting all!

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Look who dropped by!

Hi All

I've been seriously tempted lately by the beautiful range of bjds (ball jointed dolls), that are around these days! Just do a search online and you will see how gorgeous they can be!

So since I couldn't afford one (did I neglect to mention that they start around $200nzd), I got myself an LPD (Lolli Pop Doll!) lol And I am really pleased with her, she's so cute! So I saved a packed getting her 'preloved' and I will buy her some gorgeous new outfits!

She looks so cute with Ben!

Thinking I will name her Lilli!
Hope you liked her, thanks for dropping by! :o)

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Little Handfuls are entered in the TBAAF awards!!

Hi all

Just wanted to drop by and ask you all to pop in and take some time to vote for some of the gorgeous work on the TBAAF website! Hopefully some of it will be mine!! :o)


It's a great site and a wonderful idea to run a free comp of this magnitude!!

I've entered the:

Miniature Bear

Felted Bear

Anime Bear

Sections, I'm sure you will recognise my work but please vote for the ones you like best whoever made them!!



Friday, 2 July 2010

Please meet my new fairy bear!

Hi Everyone! Thought you might like to meet my latest creation! I made her while I was sick with a headcold and someone suggested that I could still create if I made a water fairy! So here she is!

I mixed together 3 different fibres to make her sparkly, watery coloured coat! She has a glittery fibre mixed in and I given her dark blue toepads since the photos were taken!

Meet Raindrop!
She has polymer clay wings made by an old friend.
Her long beads were strung by myself and have a droplet at the end
She sits on the lily pad I made for her which is felted with shades of green and silk
I hope you love her as much as I do! She turned out so well!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

A Rose by any other name..........

Well, her name isn't Rose, but there were a lot of ideas and I so appreciate all the kind words and suggestions you all made! It was funny that there were a few spicy/foody ideas between here and my facebook page! She must have made you all feel hungery! lol Do we need a drum roll??



Her new name is Cinnamon and that was suggested by Heather! Thanks so much Heather for a wonderful suggestion and I'm very happy yours was picked as it really suits her as well!

Having done all this I am very tempted now to run a little giveaway as so many other bloggers seem to be doing! I would like to run another name or idea thread and give away a bear at the end! I'm sure many of you have joined in on these types of giveaways, so if you have any ideas on how they are best run please feel free to drop me a line!!

Ok, off to make Cinnamon her name tags! Have a wonderful crafty day everyone!