Saturday, 10 July 2010

Dougal joins the Little Handfuls Hug!

Hi Everyone!

Thanks for dropping by! I have a lovely new friend for you to meet. His name is Dougal and he is needle felted from the most gorgeous, natural New Zealand corriedale wool ever! I'm a big one for hand dyed wools so I surprised even myself recently when I fell in love with this beautifully carded fibre at a local craft show! It is a lovely soft cream with a beige ripple running through it!

I also found a lovely teal crochet thread at a thrift market and had been holding on to it for just the right bear!

The lighting isnt the best, it got dark before I was done!
Dougal has the sweetest nose and vintage blue and pewter coloured ribbon.

Don't you love his teal ruffle? (yes, you are supposed to see the stitches! lol)

I'm so pleased with him and I hope you enjoyed meeting him too! It's been a busy week of school holidays, playing pirates and trying to entertain 3 children! Next week it's the movies and the Zoo so it should be fun! Of course I am working all weekend so have to get through that first! I guess I can rest when my youngest starts school in October! lol
Happy crafting all!

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VivK said...

I love Dougal - cutest little face and I love his finishing touches!