Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Gorgeous new Bears and more!


Hope you are all plodding along nicely with your christmas creations!! My fair for the market is going well. Thanks to a lovely friend reminding me about my badges I have done a number of them and think they will sell ok! Nice to have things to appeal to more folk and have some cheaper items too!

And now to the latest bears. This one was made for an order, she turned out really well and the customer is very happy with her too! Phew!

Suzanne is felted in cupcake coloured corriedale from Ashfords! I am loving the bigger beads for eyes at the moment, luckily so as I can't get the smaller ones anymore!

Little Molly with her Dolly is felted in Ashfords gorgeous merino/silk blend. It gives a lovely finish even if it does take much longer to felt down!
Frankie is felted in a lovely natural wool which I had just enough of lying around. Not sure what breed it is, but the colouring is like alpaca so I really liked it! Felted much easier than my alpaca fibres! :o)

One of my badges, the snail is a sweetie!

Lil fairy is going to be a hit I think, have lots of similar ones too!

Ok, gotta run, time to get to Kindy! Hope you liked these latest offerings, I have more pics to take yet too! But with the market just 2 weeks away and more things to create, tag and photograph not sure I will get time to put them on here for a while!
Say 'Hi' to your Mum for me!!