Tuesday, 16 February 2010

It's Hippo time!!

Hi all! Hey, is anyone else getting loads of Anonymous comments on their blog? They are driving me MAD, keep thinking I'm getting a nice comment from someone and it's just a spammer! Know how to stop it?? I would love to find out!!

On a far nicer note, we have some new additions in the Little Handfuls Den. Please welcome Henrietta, she is my first ever Hippo and I am so pleased with how she has turned out. I wasn't sure what accessories she needed when she was made, she sat 'naked' on my desk for a few days and then it struck me! She is a perfect little Ballerina and I do hope you all like her!!
Then we have Lacey, she was created for the up coming Doll and Bear show as they have a Lavender and Lace theme this year! I made her little hat and coat from a pattern which was supposed to be enlarged for a much bigger bear! :o) Worked out really well.

So I hope you enjoy checking them out and I always look forward to hearing from you!

Kindest regards
Henrietta is felted from a gorgeous hand dyed Merino
She is so nicely sculpted!

Lacey is felted from a Merino/silk blend with lavender embroidery


Heather said...

This little hippo is just adorable! I love her multi-toned skin!!!

-Wanda- said...

The little hippo is sooo sweet! I admire your ability to felt these precious works of art.

BumbleVee said...

I won't be sure if you have the word verification thingy activated until I try to submit my comment...but, if not...go to customize..then settings..then comments...and set it to activate. That should stop spammers... but, the anon... I think you will just have to delete the ones you don't like.

The little outfit on your last little handful is sooo sweet.... and hey..hippos. I made three of those... but, mine were on all fours... this one is pretty cute.... hippos should always be ballerinas.

BumbleVee said...

aha... you have the moderation enabled... that'll be just as good....hope they stop with the anon stuff....

Anonymous said...

Do you sell these? They are too cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi Liza, just had to say that i love your little hippo, she turn out great. See you in May......Cheri