Friday, 19 December 2008

Who is available for adoption??

Hi all, because I have still not been able to update my website I thought it time to show you a few of my furry friends who are still looking for homes. Below you will find photos of some of my bears and their price in NZ dollars (please visit for exchange rates). There are many more bears but these are some of my best.
Let me know if you want more photos of any or more info. Payment is through paypal for those outside New Zealand.

Ping Panda and his porcelain egg - felted in blue and white $55nzd
Ugly Duckling - felted in natural grey with black and his brown and green 'grass' $65nzd

Peaches and her goose egg box - felted in hand mixed shades to compliment her apricot egg with a vintage lace 'tutu' $70nzd

Glitter - felted in black berry wools wtih pink sparkly embroidered accents and bling in his belly! $45nzd

The White Rabbit - a large sculpt approx 6 inches tall. Complete with red waistcoat and blue blazer with a yellow bow tie! (Postage will be more for this size) $85nzd

Princess Jewely - felted in a deep plum with big stitched nose and gorgeous jewels $55nzd

Tamarillo - felted in blood red merino blends with gorgeous multi coloured embroidered accents $50nzd

Handbag bears - felted in merino and silk these bears are all available currently and come with their little matching bags. $55nzd each

Tang - felted in gorgeous orangey merino and silk, he is a lovely wee bear $55nzd

Oliver - a larger bear, approx 4 inches long. Very sculpted in chocolate wool with his blue and white knitted hat and scarf. $60nzd

More up for adoption!

Lurple - felted in lime green and purple $55nzd
Tibbs - felted in plum with a baby blue crochet suit and optional wire pram $40nzd bear or $60 incl pram

Katie and Kitty - felted in multi pastel wool and wearing a soft green crochet suit, comes with wee felted kitty curled up on wire wicker chair $65nzd

Hannah - deep blue and rose anime bear with pretty 'sapphire' necklace $60nzd

Fruit Salad - comes with his cake, he is felted in greens and sits holding onto a strawberry, he is removeable $65nzd

Filbert - sculpted in 2 shades of plum with fine features, he's a real stunner $70nzd

Floaties - comes with his air clay 'pool' and felted on arm floaties. He has sunblock on his nose and is just so sweet! $65nzd

Dress Ups - all dressed up in Mums pretty skirt and pearls, felted in soft pastels $45nzd

Blossom Bunny - felted in lavender and pink pastels with a pretty pink quartz star $45nzd

Alpie - felted in pure NZ Alpaca fibre and winner of a blue ribbon at his first show! $65nzd
Please mail me for more photos or information about any of these bears!
There are many more available and no time to show them all! :o)

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Meet Daisy!

Hello again, I wanted to show off my latest creation. Daisy was made to order and I had so much fun with her. She is felted from Ashfords new Butterscotch coloured corriedale and is just under 3 inches tall. The bumble bee looks better in real life as the photos enlarge it somewhat, it's actually only about half a centimetre long!

Daisy has a patch on her belly with a daisy on it!
I have been inspired to create a line of bears with embellished pockets on their bellies! Lots of ideas to work with on that one!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Off to the South Island

Hi all! It's been a busy month, I have had a big order to do and christmas decorations to make for my shops too! As well as night classes to teach, doing extra days at work and hubby working overtime. I'm knackered!! :o)

I wanted to show you some of the new bears tho, so here is a selection for you, I have more to show but my computer doesn't like me uploading photos and keeps dropping the connection, so annoying!! So I will post these and try to do another one after or I might loose them all.

The bears for this order all needed to be felted from Ashford corriedale wools, this one is in the new mint green colour with apricot detailing. Scotty now sports a tartan bow!
Magnus is one of my favourites, felted in the new Cupcake colouring he also has magenta accenting and has the sweetest curled up toes! I just love his big nose!

Blue is always a favourite with me, just love this new Ice colour from Ashford, it's really great that they have come out with pastel shades in corriedale.

Gerald is felted in apricot with bean sprout accenting. He is such a sweet faced bear, and I do have a soft spot for the big noses, even tho they take me ages to get just right!

Bertram is a little different. He is felted in the new skin colour with chocolate accenting. I felted his nose and kept his detailing simple. I think it's quite effective!

Well I hope you like the new additions. I will show you some more soon and then it's time for christmas decorations!!
Happy crafting

Friday, 31 October 2008

Zebra to show you!

Helloooooo!!! Gosh it's been a while yet again! So much going on here, just got through the last lot of school holidays, not sure why but they seem to get harder each time! I also have a big order of 6 bears to make within a month, so been working hard on that!

I wanted to show you the Zebra I made for my last order. I'm really pleased with how he turned out! So I have made 2 Zebras now and i have to say the stripes sure are a challenge! I had a bit of fun on this one tho and made the stripes on his limbs spiral around!

Hope you like this new little fellow. I will have lots more to show you soon! With Christmas coming up I am having to work on my ornaments again and trying to fill my local stores! Sheesh
Happy crafting to all

Monday, 15 September 2008

Some new Bears!

Hi Everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the changing seasons and keeping those hands busy! Over my side of the world we are finally heading into the warmer weather, I have had more than enough of the rain, dark miserable days and the cold! Sick kids are no fun either and I will be so glad to spend more time outside!

Of course there are those evenings in front of the telly still and thats when my felting is mostly done! Here are a few of my newer bears to share with you, hope you like them!

Lurple is a purple and lime coloured experiment in colour combinations.
I was quite pleased with how he turned out! He is much brighter in person!

River is felted in a lovely soft blue colour and wears his dark grey coat and hat with style!

Sweetums was a farewell pressie for my boss who left us this month! She is felted in a soft blue/grey wool which I mixed summer glitz into so she is nice and sparkly. With a pink heart on her tum and white hearts on her feet, she is very sweet!

Tang is one of my new favourites. Felted in Ashfords Merino/silk blend he is such a sweetie, I just love that rounded head and I used a shiny orange thread for his nose!

I've had a very creative couple of months, check out the new additions below, they were so much fun to make and only about 2 inches tall, the smallest is just over 1 inch. And I am currently working on an alpaca and a zebra! :o) Happy crafting and catch you next time!! xx

Handbag Bears Debut!!

These little guys were made from Ashfords new fibre blend, Merino and Silk. They come in the most gorgous colours and I couldn't resisit making some of my smallest mini bears and putting them in matching little 'handbags'.

Time for a photo shoot! Here they all are sitting in their bags!

Time to pose in front now folks!

Wow, you bears are naturals! Perfect little soulful eyes!

Lunch Break! Wow, that was hard work.

May and Splish tuck into some healthy sandwiches!

Here are Tinks and Petal enjoying their snacks!

Forrest and Citrus enjoy their burger and cake together.

Pookie sneaks off with 2 big pieces of cake!

He was found later covered in cream and clutching his big round belly!

Monday, 11 August 2008

Another show over!

Hi all!!

Well another show is over, this was the big one! Three days, thousands of visitors and a huge site to fill! Somewhat intimidating!! But all went well, most of my plans worked out on setup, unfortunately by the end of the 2nd day I had realised that people were just not coming into my site, many just standing outside and looking in. And many didn't seem to realise that I actually had bears there, even with all the signage. Very odd.

Upon talking to one of the organisers I find that the most successful sites really throw the product in your face. People want to know in the first 2 seconds what you are selling or they just don't bother. So I guess my lounge idea didn't go so well. Nevermind, it gave me ideas for next year.

Plus I also made 5 bears over the weekend. I sold more than enough to cover my costs and make a tidy profit too, it was just a bit disheartening sitting there all Sunday with people just walking straight past!

I got to spend all day saturday with my friend Veronika, felting, eating and chatting, so that was great, and actually was my best selling day so we weren't scaring people off! lol

Anyway, here are some pics of my newest bears, before the show, hope you like them!

Had to have a Santa Bear for my Christmas Theme shelf!

Needed another cake bear in my Delectables range!

And this fine fellow was created at the Midwinter Show, took me the whole weekend as he was so big! Very happy with him tho, although my knitting once again leaves a lot to be desired! :o)

Thanks for checking in again, I will have some nice new photos for you again soon I am sure! And please visit my 'sister site' for my reborn babies.

The Great New Zealand Craft Show! aka Dunkleys

Here are a few pics from the show! Below is a photo of the entire site. I had my reborn dolls on the left and bears on the right. The two cabinets were filled with over 70 bears! Even tho they were lit from the inside it was not the best display option unfortunately. People just didn't think to look in the cabinets, not sure why!

You can see my work area below, I sat in the corner and my helpers sat in the middle when they were with me.
This is one of the cabinets, being taller and more at eye level it got more interest. But over all I did ok this year.

Monday, 7 July 2008

The Taiwan Teddy Bear Olympics

Hi Everyone

I'm finally posting again, sorry for being away so long.

I haven't made much since my last show, and I do usually find that I tend to not feel very creative after each show.

I have got this to show you tho, I was asked to compete in the Teddy Bear Olympic Challenge. This is a public voting competition so if you like my little Ngaire I would love it if you could pop in and vote for her!

Voting starts in a few days and runs for a month.

Anyway, about Ngaire. Well I found out that my country (New Zealand) wasn't sending any gymnasts to the Olympics this year so I thought I would send one of my own.

Ngaire (which means silver fern, our native emblem) is needle felted in all natural romney wool, with a merino leotard felted over the top. She is posed in a leaping position, with her ribbon in mid twirl, she was rather hard to take pictures of. She even has a silver fern of sorts on her leotard, bit tricky to get real detail into it!

I hope you like her, I was really pleased with how she turned out!

Thanks so much for visiting again, I'm off to another show this weekend so more pics for you all then!

Vote here!