Thursday, 18 October 2007

New work from Little Handfuls

Hi there everyone! Time for me to check in again and show you what I have been up to. I am so pleased with my new work, one in particular is making rather proud of myself, not sure if that is a good thing! His name is Zachary! I felted him in a mustard coloured wool, which was rather tricky to use, I don't think the colour had been rinsed out properly as it felt a bit odd and took forever to felt down. But he is just so sweet, what do you think??

Oh that face!!

His hat is one of my knitted creations, it's soooooooooo long that it is also his scarf! Just love it!

Don't you just love the lil puku (maori for tummy)? And his curled up toes? OMG I'm so in love! Sheesh!

This is Timothy. I decided to try making a bear with jowels. I think it worked out pretty well.

Hudson is felted in a gorgeous wool named Misty Rust. Love it! He's rather sweet.

Maybe is a sweet little girl, felted in a plumy colour with raspberry details.

Short Brown is felted to fit in this mini Starbucks mug, made from an Alpaca/silk/merino mix

Petite is felted in a blend of lilac and pink with a cotton lace 'tutu' skirt.

Well, that's about it from me for this week. I have a new exciting project on the way tho, I am trying out felting with Possum fur, and it's going pretty well! Stay tuned for that one!

I'm keeping pretty busy tho as this term I have my beginner class, I am taking a home hair dressing class (as a student) which is fun and I have a day class (my first one) that I am tutoring in a couple of weeks. Plus I have work and my baby is turning 2!! I can't believe it's so long since she was a wee thing (not so wee, was 10lb 5oz at birth!) in my arms! *sniff*

Have a wonderful week all and thank you for sharing your precious time with me!