Monday, 30 April 2007

Latest Bears

Hi Again

I just wanted to show you all some of my latest work. These are bears for the show although anything that I don't sell at the show I will put up on my website for sale.

First is Baby. She is felted in gorgeous hand dyed wool in shades of blue. She was made to fit this gorgeous crochet set made for me by a friend in the US. She comes with her own little cane pram, so sweet with curved steel handles and cushions etc.

Next you can see Cherub, felted in white corriedale with silk noil in magenta. I also felted her magenta parts in matching corriedale wool. She has a lovely big nose and real feather wings.

Nugget is felted in hand mixed wools in mustard, lemon and white. He is one of my Handful of Bling range of bears. These bears all have jewels either embedded in their bellies or worn around their necks. Nugget has a lovely traditional bear look to him, such a sweet face. He wears a gorgeous cubics gem with real 14k plated yellow gold.

Ping is a teeny fellow made to fit this porcelain egg box. He was felted in colours as close to those painted on the box as I could get. With his little good luck charm and his sweet face I am sure he will bring joy to his new owner.
Lastly we have another of my Bling bears. This is Shimmer. He is felted in gorgeous hand dyed wools in multiple shades, such a neat finish this gives him. He also has a sweet, more traditional face and he wears a lovely flower gem in his belly.

My Little Handfuls, Welcome!

Hi, and welcome to my Blog.

My name is Liza and I have been felting mini bears and creatures for 3 years now. I have to say it is currently the love of my life! Making these little guys is so much fun and I am currently working towards a Doll and Teddy Bear show here in my home town of Hamilton, New Zealand.

The show is in just 3 weeks, and this is the second time I will be showing and selling my work there! Really excited, I have lots of ideas for this year.

I also sell my work on ebay a bit and on TradeMe which is an NZ auction site. My website is also a good source for connections and orders, visit:

Well, this is just my first post, lots more to come!

Feel free to visit my site and to comment via email or on this blog!

I look forward to hearing from you