Monday, 30 April 2007

My Little Handfuls, Welcome!

Hi, and welcome to my Blog.

My name is Liza and I have been felting mini bears and creatures for 3 years now. I have to say it is currently the love of my life! Making these little guys is so much fun and I am currently working towards a Doll and Teddy Bear show here in my home town of Hamilton, New Zealand.

The show is in just 3 weeks, and this is the second time I will be showing and selling my work there! Really excited, I have lots of ideas for this year.

I also sell my work on ebay a bit and on TradeMe which is an NZ auction site. My website is also a good source for connections and orders, visit:

Well, this is just my first post, lots more to come!

Feel free to visit my site and to comment via email or on this blog!

I look forward to hearing from you


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