Friday, 18 December 2009

Arts Festival

Well, the festival may have been a flop but I thought I would share the pikkies with you as we initially had a rather fun day! Sadly, because they changed us to Sunday instead of Saturday due to the threat of rain, no one came down. Even worse, Saturday turned out to be a lovely sunny day with only 1 shower! :o(

That would be me standing at my table!

Me acting the goat at my table!

Here are some piks of the work I had on offer.

I just love Billy and Buddy in their vintage tin trucks!

Unfortunately one of my gorgeous terracotta hand bowls got broken before we even set up!
So all in all, not my best show, considering we didn't sell even one thing!! But no one else did very well either, with the bulk of our visitors being the other stall holders! lol We are always the best customers as we can see how much work has gone into other peoples pieces!
I'm still looking forward to the big one, coming up in May next year, our Doll and Bear show!! Yay, the theme is Lavender and Lace this year! Hmmmmmmm Thinking cap ready for 'on' after Christmas! lol
I hope to do one more post before christmas but if I don't get to do it, Merry Christmas to you all and thank you so much for continuing to follow my blog/work and all your encouragement throughout the year!! muah!!!