Monday, 7 July 2008

The Taiwan Teddy Bear Olympics

Hi Everyone

I'm finally posting again, sorry for being away so long.

I haven't made much since my last show, and I do usually find that I tend to not feel very creative after each show.

I have got this to show you tho, I was asked to compete in the Teddy Bear Olympic Challenge. This is a public voting competition so if you like my little Ngaire I would love it if you could pop in and vote for her!

Voting starts in a few days and runs for a month.

Anyway, about Ngaire. Well I found out that my country (New Zealand) wasn't sending any gymnasts to the Olympics this year so I thought I would send one of my own.

Ngaire (which means silver fern, our native emblem) is needle felted in all natural romney wool, with a merino leotard felted over the top. She is posed in a leaping position, with her ribbon in mid twirl, she was rather hard to take pictures of. She even has a silver fern of sorts on her leotard, bit tricky to get real detail into it!

I hope you like her, I was really pleased with how she turned out!

Thanks so much for visiting again, I'm off to another show this weekend so more pics for you all then!

Vote here!