Tuesday, 8 January 2019

So Google Analytics has just told me that 75 people visited this site in December!  That's crazy and I'm so sorry I've not updated the blog since 2016! lol  Also crazy.

I tend to just use Facebook these days so if you're dropping by today and you see this post, love my work, want to see more, head over to the facebook page!


I've got so much to share with you!  My book did well with sales and has been reprinted a few times now.  I've been asked to write up possible projects for a second book so I'm working on that now! 

I've changed jobs, my kids are grown, we moved house!  So much!

Do come see me on facebook and drop me a message, say Hi and that you found me via this blog!

Much love
Liza and Little Handfuls Bears!