Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Something a bit Special

Hello Everyone! I hope you are all doing well and happily crafting or collecting to your hearts content! :o)

I've got something a little bit special for you this week. A fabulous friend of mine gave us some air dry clay so we had a play over the school holidays. One of the things I came up with was a wee paddling pool. I had this image in my head of a wee bear wearing floaties having a little splash in it.

Well for once what was in my head came out on my needle and here we have little Floaties the toddler bear playing in his pretty little pool. He even has zinc on his wee bear nose! I have to take some more pics as these ones weren't very good but you get the idea! Hope you like him.

This little sweetie is Blossom, she is felted from a gorgeous pastel blend of wools with peach and pink and lavender. She is wearing a pink star necklace too.

This fine fellow is Patrick. He is so sweet in his brick red and sea green wools, just the loveliest little face on him!

Well, I hope you like these 3. I have a few more ideas up my sleeve and I have been working on some 'sweet treats' to show you as well! Now that the holidays are over I can get my mind back into it and spend some time being more productive!

Not long until the show now, it's on 23rd Feb!! Eeekk




BumbleVee said...

awwww.... Little Floatie is ever so cute....and I really like Blossom as well.

I haven't done any for so long...still working on my mermaid doll... and cleaning house...and ...man, where does a whole day go?

Folksie Linda said...

Wow your felting is just super Liza! Love all of them... and the floaties are adorable!! Very cute idea! Hugs, Linda

Zada Creations said...

Hi Liza!
I enjoyed seeing your newest creations they are quite the sweeties! Take care and good luck at your upcoming show!