Thursday, 21 February 2008

It's Show Time!!

Hi Everyone!! Well I have 2 days till the Arts Festival, getting a bit nervous now! I haven't been to this one before and not totally sure that my 'art' will really fit in, but it was relatively cheap to show at this one and it gets my business cards out there and people looking at my work. So it's worth doing, just a bit nerve wracking!

I don't think I will get any more bears made in the next couple of days, but here are my last pieces, this first one I am particularly proud of. He is felted from Alpaca (I seem to be taking a liking to this fibre) and I just love his big nose and old fashioned style. I used a damp paint brush and a water colour pencil to shade him. Meet Cedrick......

This little fellow is Billy Bear, he is my first 4 legged bear and such a little sweetie. I just made him from a basic brown coloured corriedale.

This little fox is felted from a gorgeous hand dyed wool called Misty Rust. I thought it was just perfect for a fox. I got the idea from a book a friend of mine (Thanks Veronika) loaned me, it was all in german tho so I had to wing it, he turned out ok in the end but was rather a hassle to make!

Another idea from the book, these little guys were very quick to make, I might do some bigger ones as these are teeny, the biggest is about an inch long.

Well, wish me luck. The show is from 10 till 4 and is just for the Saturday. I wish you all could come and visit. I think Veronika is going to be my only visitor on the day so she can tell me how the table looked, but hopefully I will get lots of public attention (not the 5 fingered discount variety of people hopefully) and make lots of contacts which would be nice.

Have a good weekend everyone and catch you later on!



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