Friday, 14 October 2011

New inspirations

Hi Everyone!
Thought I better update you on the latest from Little Handfuls! 

I've been floundering a bit lately, a lot of the shows I do over here in New Zealand just don't go well, no one wants to part with their money (can't blame them for that!) and while they have high praise for my work I still end up packing it all up and  taking it all home at the end of the show!  Which is really expensive I might add! lol

So I've been trying to think what I can do to create a range of less expensive items which appeal to more people than bear collectors which we don't seem to have a lot of over here.

For some reason I stumbled across some monster cartoons, and those cute pics, combined with the pile of christmas balls I had sitting on my desk got me thinking.  The result is this crazy collection of little monsters.

What I intend to do is to have a whole lot of them at the next show, and be able to personalise them for people.  So if you want a couple to hang over your car mirror, you just pick the two you like and I will string them together while you wait!  If you want one to clip onto your childs pram I can do that too, maybe your older child would like one on a bungy cord so he can play with it!  I will make mini ones too, so if you want a keychain, or brooch, necklace, it's all possible! :o)

Hope you like them!

Happy crafting,

Monday, 10 October 2011

New bears and other news!

Hi Everyone

Thought I had better check in as it's been a while!  Had a lot of things happening at this end and apparently lost my mojo for a little while due to the stress of it all.  I think I'm back on track now and I have a few new bears to show you.

I also finished my Give Away bear for my facebook fans and we just announced our winner so if you haven't joined us on Facebook please do check us out, just look for Little Handfuls and I'm sure you will find us!  It was a great give away and lots of people joined in!  I will show you pics of the finished bear in my next update!

For now here are a few newbies:

This little bear is felted in merino/silk.  He's rather different but I quite like him.

Needle felted from a gorgeous dusky pink corriedale that was hand dyed here in NZ.  He has lil pink toepads too! ;o)

This little girl is so sweet in her lace skirt and crochet bonnet!  Felted in hand dyed cotton candy pink romney.

Click the link below  to:

Visit my Etsy Shop, lots of new bears available!

I have added lots of new bears to my etsy store as I am now officially finished at my day job so time to take the bear by the ears as it were! lol I hope you will drop by and visit!