Friday, 4 May 2012

Come and meet the latest bears on Facebook!

Hi Everyone!

Well you may have noticed that the blog has kinda fallen by the wayside!  I get so much more traffic through my facebook page and buying frenzies over new work when I post it, that I haven't really had a need to update the blog!  So sorry to those of you who don't really go for Facebook, but if you are at all tempted to see what it's all about we would love to see you over on the Little Handfuls page: 

Need a gorgeous baby bear in your hug?  Burble is in the fb store!

Not alot of girlie bears come out of Little Handfuls Headquarters, pays to grab little cuties like this when  you can!

Sully is a sweet little multi coloured boy!

Daisy bear is sooooo sweet!

I hope you will come by and see us, and for those of you living in New Zealand, Little Handfuls will be on the tv show Hearts In Crafts on 9 June.  This show is on TVNZ7 at 6.30pm on Saturdays!

For those of you outside NZ I hope to be able to get the show onto youtube, will let you know!

Happy crafting!