Sunday, 18 December 2011

Hello Again

I can't believe it's been months since I last put new photos up!  I guess I haven't made a lot of bears in the last little while, rather focussing on my little monsters as I needed them for the markets that were coming up over the silly season.

I do have a few little friends to show you and I have made a start on some new work which I haven't photographed yet!

Barclay is felted from a lovely copper brown with lemon embroidered accents! 
Just a wee fellow under 2.5 inches

Buster is needle felted from gorgeous shades of merino greens

Linus was sold minutes after he was shown on my Facebook page! lol  So if you are wanting to get in first it pays to be a fan of the page! :o) 

Raspberry Souffle is a lovely big bear.  The photo does her no justice as she is a much darker, richer maroon with pink blend.  She is over 3.5 inches tall.

If you are interested in adopting any of the bears shown (apart from Linus who I already have to make 2 similar bears to) please just let me know.  Along with any other bears shown on the blog!

More news to come as Little Handfuls is going to be on television next year.  Filming for a quick segment on TVNZ7 will begin in early January!  I will update you as we get closer! :o)

If I don't get in beforehand, have a wonderful Christmas filled with family, fun and most of all love!  I thank you so much for taking the time to drop by my pages and all the support that you give!

Much love
Liza Adams

Friday, 14 October 2011

New inspirations

Hi Everyone!
Thought I better update you on the latest from Little Handfuls! 

I've been floundering a bit lately, a lot of the shows I do over here in New Zealand just don't go well, no one wants to part with their money (can't blame them for that!) and while they have high praise for my work I still end up packing it all up and  taking it all home at the end of the show!  Which is really expensive I might add! lol

So I've been trying to think what I can do to create a range of less expensive items which appeal to more people than bear collectors which we don't seem to have a lot of over here.

For some reason I stumbled across some monster cartoons, and those cute pics, combined with the pile of christmas balls I had sitting on my desk got me thinking.  The result is this crazy collection of little monsters.

What I intend to do is to have a whole lot of them at the next show, and be able to personalise them for people.  So if you want a couple to hang over your car mirror, you just pick the two you like and I will string them together while you wait!  If you want one to clip onto your childs pram I can do that too, maybe your older child would like one on a bungy cord so he can play with it!  I will make mini ones too, so if you want a keychain, or brooch, necklace, it's all possible! :o)

Hope you like them!

Happy crafting,

Monday, 10 October 2011

New bears and other news!

Hi Everyone

Thought I had better check in as it's been a while!  Had a lot of things happening at this end and apparently lost my mojo for a little while due to the stress of it all.  I think I'm back on track now and I have a few new bears to show you.

I also finished my Give Away bear for my facebook fans and we just announced our winner so if you haven't joined us on Facebook please do check us out, just look for Little Handfuls and I'm sure you will find us!  It was a great give away and lots of people joined in!  I will show you pics of the finished bear in my next update!

For now here are a few newbies:

This little bear is felted in merino/silk.  He's rather different but I quite like him.

Needle felted from a gorgeous dusky pink corriedale that was hand dyed here in NZ.  He has lil pink toepads too! ;o)

This little girl is so sweet in her lace skirt and crochet bonnet!  Felted in hand dyed cotton candy pink romney.

Click the link below  to:

Visit my Etsy Shop, lots of new bears available!

I have added lots of new bears to my etsy store as I am now officially finished at my day job so time to take the bear by the ears as it were! lol I hope you will drop by and visit!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Hi Everyone!

I hope you have been having a productive and happy time since my last post!  I wanted to let you know that voting has ended for the 500th bear giveaway!  I will start work on him soon and post pictures as he progresses hopefully!  The winning name won't be drawn until he is done!

I got a box full of lovely new wools last week and I am itching to work on those, plus I have some hats to knit as a few finished bears look a bit hatless.  It takes me so long to knit a hat and then often the finished results don't suit the bear I was making it for!  Not the best knitter! lol

Not much else to tell, life has been a bit messy here lately so I haven't been creating as much as I would like to!

Fingers crossed I can relax into some felting again soon!


Tuesday, 16 August 2011

It's Giveaway time again!

Hi Everyone!

I realised a few weeks ago  that I was coming up to my 500th bear!  I can't believe I have made so many over the last 7 years!

Co-incidentally I am also up to more than 500 likers on my facebook page so I thought it must be time for a giveaway!

I started a new poll a couple of days ago and (due to the fact that I'm a bit sick and rather foggy) I didn't think to let you all know on here!  The giveaway is being run through facebook, so if you aren't already a 'liker' please join up to my page and have your vote!

What we are going to do is that you all are going to help me design my 500th bear, and then all those who vote at all stages will be entered into the draw to win the resulting bear!

So the first stage is that we have to decide what colour this bear is going to be.  Pop over to the page, check out the album of colour samples and then vote in the poll for your favourite!  I've had a few people who have had problems finding the poll, no idea why that is, so we won't do it that way next time but for now, please try and get a vote into the poll as that is how I will be storing everyones names!!/pages/Little-Handfuls-Mini-Bears/366699465692

I will leave each stage up for vote for a week, the next stage will be posted and I will let you all know when it's ready! :o)

This should be so much fun, we have already had over 40 votes!  Imagine winning a bear you had a hand in designing!!


Friday, 12 August 2011

Some new friends to meet!

Hi Everyone!
I'm finally updating again!  Sorry it's been so long.  Between the day job and trying to catch up on orders after the shows I got a bit swamped!  I do have a few new friends to show off to you though!

This is Bianca!  She is felted from a gorgeous strawberry and cream merino fibre!
It's just wonderful to touch!

I gave her little rusty red coloured toes and nose which just set her off nicely!  I even had a go at mini knitting again and I think I did ok!

This is Barlow!  He's felted in the most glorious teal colour!  It's a bit different from any other that I had so I had to scoop it up when I saw it for sale at the show! lol  I think the lime sets it off nicely!

Aww, he has those big soulful teddy eyes!

Scruffy was created at one of the shows!  Neat fibre, has rayon in it and was just right for a scruffy little doggie.  This pup is currently travelling around Switzerland with my lovely friend Veronika!

Scruffy has been the start of rather a dogpile, I have a few others to make in his likeness and strangely enough they are all turning out really tiny!  Bit fiddly when it comes to the 4 legs! lol
Well I hope you liked the newbies!  I've made a couple of other things lately but you will have to wait to see those! :o)  I hope to update the adoptions page again soon too and I will pop a note on here when that is done!

Happy crafting and thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Show's over and latest work!

Hi Everyone!  I hope you have been enjoying a productive few weeks since I last posted pics!  I've been madly felting away, even though none of my new work made it to either of the shows, I was just having fun anyway! :o)  Anything I make during show time I don't have time to tag and photograph so they just have to wait until next time!

The shows went well, it's always fun hanging out for a whole weekend with friends creating furry little creatures.  During the 3 day show I almost finished 3 creations, the last one just needed a face! :o)  2 have already been given away!

I was thoroughly enjoying making the little girl below though, and was glad she didn't get completed in time to be sold as I wouldn't have gotten to spend any time with her at all!  Helen is felted from 2 wools I blended together myself.  One is a gorgeous silk fibre I imported from Living Felt and the other is a natural NZ corriedale, so soft and fine I could hardly believe it was a corriedale at all! :o)

I love her crumpled trunk and big soft ears.  She has toenails and 'seams' down her body to give her a hand sewn look.  She is wearing a lovely little skirt and sits on a blanket I knitted myself!  I'm not much of a knitter but it actually does look good!  Teeny little needles and fine thread were used!

 Helen can see you down there!

She is quite big, over 4 inches tall and loves to pose with her blankie.  I'm really enjoying having cuddles with her 'cos I know she will find her new home soon, people have been asking after her already! :o)

I hope you enjoyed dropping by, if you ever want to stay in touch with me and my work more please look for us on facebook.  Little Handfuls have their own fan page so you can 'like' us and then see all the hundreds of photos in our albums!  We always love to hear from you too!

Happy crafting!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

The online show has started!!

Hi Everyone, just wanted to let you know that the online show with Teddies Worldwide has started!

You can pop over and see work from 75 artists from all around the world, plus me!!  I've got 10 of my little bears listed and I hope you will come on by and see all the gorgeous work everyone has done!

This show just goes for 48 hours and it as about 4 hours in as I write this!

Don't miss out!


And click on the Bears on Parade banner which will take you to the show page! :o)



Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Just days until the Big Show!

Hi Everyone!
Just wanted to pop in before I get too busy and let you know where things are up to for the big craft show coming up this weekend!

I've had so much prep to do, most of the bears were finished weeks ago, but I still had 26 little bears to tag and price.  I also had to buy backdrops, paint displays and decide who goes and who stays!  I find that really hard as I just want to take everyone, but a crowded table doesn't do anyone any favours I have found!  The more bears that are on the table the less they stand out and show their full potential! :o)

So along with doing all those things I have been updating my Little Handfuls website.  I discovered it has been 2 years since I last updated it!  Wow, that went by fast!  So we are about to upload the new pages and lovely new photos tonight, that's Tues evening GMT so if it's after that when you read this go and check it out!!  I would love to say I will remember to drop by and tell you when it's live but I don't think  I will have time!

Anyway, I just can't do a post without showing you a new bear, so this is Wisteria, she is sister to Primula who I showed you a couple of weeks ago (she should be there if you scroll down).  I really like this style of bear, their faces are so sweet and fine featured.

Primula is needle  felted from Living Felts merino tops which are in such gorgeous colours this year, you gotta go check them out!

 Isn't she sweet?  It's such a lovely warm purple!
Just look at that face and tell me you're not smitten! :o)

Ok, it's back to the many lists of jobs to do for me!  Guess I can tick off 'post on blog' now huh? lol  I so wish I could meet you all at the show, they say it's a small world but sometimes I could handle it being a bit smaller!

Love to all and happy crafting!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Big Show Coming Up!

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to pop in and let you know that things are pretty busy here at the Little Handfuls studio!  Lots of new bears, but also a big show coming up in just 2 weeks!  I wish I could meet you all there, but it's here in little 'ole New Zealand and I know most of you aren't! :o)

Those who are, pop down to the Dunkleys show on 1 - 3 July at the Claudelands Event Centre (lovely new building!!) I would love to meet you and share my little creations with you!

Then, later in the month I am lucky enough to have been selected for the Teddies Worldwide online show starting 15 July, so you can ALL come to that one!  I will let you know more info closer to the  time!

For now, here are a few bears that will be at the shows!

 Butternut is needle felted in merino with felted Vest and Hat!    Carlton holds a Lily!
 Flicker is felted from merino/silk, love her gorgeous wings!
 George is a more traditional bear, love the scarf!  Primula has flowers on her paws to match the one by her ear!

Friday, 10 June 2011

Doodle bugs anyone?

Hi Everyone! I've been so busy felting I've been forgetting about blogging! I'm so very sorry! :o)

I came up with something fun and new last week, doodlebugs are a bit of fun, and these two are rather quirky so I hope you enjoy meeting Doodle and Bugsie.

This is Bugsie, he's the second one I made. They both have wired limbs so they can be posed, and also for strength as their limbs are rather skinny.
I just love the antennae and did different ones but with similarities for each of them.

Here they both are, what do you think?

You can see Doodle's happy grin in this pic. He wears a lovely flower pendant!

They are both felted from Living Felt merino tops, just the most gorgeous fibres and colours I have had the pleasure of playing with in ages!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Two new friends to meet!

Hi Everyone! Thanks for dropping by again! :o)

Today I wanted to show off two of my new bears, I've made so many lately and just havent had the time to show them all off to you!

So here is Kirby! He is needle felted from gorgeous merino/silk fibre by Ashfords. It's lovely to work with, and the colours are amazing! I really like how he turned out.

His face is a little different, I like the innocent look he has

And his feet have little insteps, quite a neat shape!

Mindy is felted from a lovely soft mauve merino. I set it off with a gorgeous burgandy thread and hairband ribbon.

She is such a lovely sweet little bear, I hope she finds a special home!

I have a lot of other bears waiting for new homes at the moment, but mostly because I have a big show coming up. I intend to fill up my adoptions page mid July after the show is done, so my apologys for not having much on there at the moment!

Happy crafting everyone!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Time for a new Little Handful

Hi Everyone! I'm pleased to introduce you to the newest furry little member of the Little Handfuls Hug. This is Dink! He is needle felted from a gorgeous bright hand dyed romney wool with soft sable coloured muzzle, ears and paws! He has the sweetest big eyes and complimentary hand stitching in a maroon colour for his nose and other accents!

I tried something different with his paws, I'm really pleased with how they turned out!

Just look at that lovely big nose and those sweet, innocent looking eyes!
He's just a handful of beary happiness!

I hope you enjoyed meeting my new friend. He will be heading for the big show coming up here in July, along with all my very best bears! So for those of you who are lucky enough to visit Hamilton on the first weekend of July, I can't wait to meet you and show you my work in person! Just pop along to the Dunkleys show 1 - 3 July 2011.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Ferdie, the travelling bear!

Hi Everyone! Time to share a new/old friend with you. I made this fine fellow quite some time ago, and as I was so pleased with him I popped a metal catch on a ribbon around his neck and attached him to my handbag. I then took him everywhere with me, for almost a year I think!

But recently Ferdie let me know it was time to have a break and get his photo taken before kicking back and spending time with his fellow bears! So here are his gorgeous photos and I do hope you will enjoy meeting him!

Ferdie is needle felted from 2 shades of blue which have an amazing array of colours hidden in their fibres!
With his shaped muzzle, big paws and toe pads and his dropped ears Ferdie sure does steal your heart!
He even has a pearl heart in his belly, and don't you love those big eyes?

Thanks for dropping by!



Friday, 11 March 2011

Meet my newest little darling, Clarabell

Hi Everyone!

I finally get to show you my new bears, Clarabell is needle felted from Merino/silk fibre which I then brushed up, bit by bit, to make this soft, curly finish! She is wearing a little handmade dress which I put together for her, and I then decided she needed a little friend, so I created her teddy Tom!

Tom is made from the same fibre as Clara, and in the same style but I didn't brush his fur!

Just look at that little face!
She looks so cute cuddling her teddy!
Tom is made from a lighter colour a you can see.
Sitting in a sunbeam.
She is such a sweet little handful, and already sold I'm afraid. But I do have plans to make more bears of this style, I have already made her little brother Billy and I will show him soon!

Hope you enjoyed meeting Clara and Tom!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Some new friends!

Hello and welcome back to the home of my newest Little Handfuls! I have a treat for you today, 2 new little friends just waiting to meet you!

This is Petey, he is needle felted from a wool I imported from the US called Fruited Ecstasy! It's an amazing array of colours all complimenting each other!
I chose big blue eyes for Petey and they really stand out against his colouring.
He's quite a big bear again at a little over 4 inches!
Levi is felted from shades of denim blue hand dyed here in NZ. This is set off by the wool I used for his ears, muzzle etc which is in a hand dyed sky blue!
I used a sparkly metallic DMC thread for his nose etc.
I really like how he turned out, blue is my favourite colour and I have very few finished bears in blue that I really like! He has all my favs, big paws, lovely feet, sad eyes! He's just gorgeous!

I hope you have enjoyed meeting my new friends. There is still more to come but I'm making you wait again! tsk, naughty me! hehe

Happy Crafting!