Friday, 11 March 2011

Meet my newest little darling, Clarabell

Hi Everyone!

I finally get to show you my new bears, Clarabell is needle felted from Merino/silk fibre which I then brushed up, bit by bit, to make this soft, curly finish! She is wearing a little handmade dress which I put together for her, and I then decided she needed a little friend, so I created her teddy Tom!

Tom is made from the same fibre as Clara, and in the same style but I didn't brush his fur!

Just look at that little face!
She looks so cute cuddling her teddy!
Tom is made from a lighter colour a you can see.
Sitting in a sunbeam.
She is such a sweet little handful, and already sold I'm afraid. But I do have plans to make more bears of this style, I have already made her little brother Billy and I will show him soon!

Hope you enjoyed meeting Clara and Tom!


WhingingNinja said...

wow Liza they are both stunning!

Iris said...

Liza, I love the cutie couple very much. Big hugs, Iris

Alba Linea said...

so tiny and cute! love the little treasure! best wishes and bear hugs! di