Thursday, 17 April 2008

Pictures at last!!!

Hello all!!

Well I finally got meself a new/used camera and I'm really pleased with it. Takes pretty good photos and I love the way it lightens them all, my other far more expensive camera always came out darker and you couldn't tell until you uploaded them to the computer!! Most annoying.

So here is what I have been up to lately.

What do you call a bear on a cake??

Delicious of course!! Welcome to my new Little Handfuls range of Delicious bears. There will be bears on slices of cake, bears on doughnuts and bears on cookies. Anything you can think of that looks fab and tastes even better, cheesecakes, muffins and more! They are all made from felt and so fun to make!

This is my Fruit Salad bear on his Fruit Salad cupcake! Don't you just love his little berries and slice of Kiwi? He also has a chocolate heart and a dollop of cream for good measure!

This is Pandachino, he sits on a delicous coffee layer cake. With a dollop of cream and a wee coffee bean on the top. He is felted in natural Alpaca in two shades and I am very pleased with him.

This wee bear is kinda named and kinda not. I came up with Panda Storm, (Like thunderstorm but with a panda!) because of his cloudy blue colour but not sure about that one. I just love him, he turned out so well and the colours are an amazing blend with all sorts of flecks in them.

Stanley is in a style of bear which I feel is becoming my trademark. I have made a few bears now that look similar to him, all have emerged from the wool on their own and were not designed to be similar to each other. He has a lovely big nose, really pleasedwith that. And big dropped paws which are my favs. He also has wee toes!
Bun Bun was made for an order but she has come out rather small, under 2 inches long actually so I will probably have to make another. But she is just so sweet, I can't believe how well she turned out!

And I am currently working on my next bear, plus I have a load of pipecleaner bears made up so my table for the next show should be looking nice and full.


I am going to take a stall in The Great New Zealand Craft Show, otherwise known as Dunkleys. It costs an absolute fortune for someone like me, and that's at the beginner price which is half the usual price!! I am so darn excited and have been up all night the last few nights thinking about how I am going to lay out my booth and worrying about whether I will have enough stock.

This show is right after the 2 I am already booked in for, Hamilton in May and Auckland in July. Dunkleys is in August just a week after the Midwinter show in Auckland. I may have to actually NOT put all my work out in Auckland as I sold so well there last year, I would hate to not have enough work to show at the big one.

Ok, nuff rambling. Hope you like the new work and thanks so much to all my regulars for keeping up with me!!

Love to all


Thursday, 3 April 2008

No Photos!! :o(

Hi all, I'm just checking in really because it's been a while since my last post.

Unfortunately my camera broke down a couple of weeks ago and I haven't been able to replace it yet. I was so upset about it I didn't even feel like making anything but this week I have managed to create a couple of things, including some felt cakes which I had been just itching to try. They look really good and I can't wait to share them with you all.

I found a wonderful lady online who sells patterns for felt food, I will put the link up when I show you what I have made. So nice to find such neat things online!!

Ok, that's it from me. Hope everyone is happy and healthy and you will hear from me again soon! (finger crossed!)