Tuesday, 16 August 2011

It's Giveaway time again!

Hi Everyone!

I realised a few weeks ago  that I was coming up to my 500th bear!  I can't believe I have made so many over the last 7 years!

Co-incidentally I am also up to more than 500 likers on my facebook page so I thought it must be time for a giveaway!

I started a new poll a couple of days ago and (due to the fact that I'm a bit sick and rather foggy) I didn't think to let you all know on here!  The giveaway is being run through facebook, so if you aren't already a 'liker' please join up to my page and have your vote!

What we are going to do is that you all are going to help me design my 500th bear, and then all those who vote at all stages will be entered into the draw to win the resulting bear!

So the first stage is that we have to decide what colour this bear is going to be.  Pop over to the page, check out the album of colour samples and then vote in the poll for your favourite!  I've had a few people who have had problems finding the poll, no idea why that is, so we won't do it that way next time but for now, please try and get a vote into the poll as that is how I will be storing everyones names!


I will leave each stage up for vote for a week, the next stage will be posted and I will let you all know when it's ready! :o)

This should be so much fun, we have already had over 40 votes!  Imagine winning a bear you had a hand in designing!!


Friday, 12 August 2011

Some new friends to meet!

Hi Everyone!
I'm finally updating again!  Sorry it's been so long.  Between the day job and trying to catch up on orders after the shows I got a bit swamped!  I do have a few new friends to show off to you though!

This is Bianca!  She is felted from a gorgeous strawberry and cream merino fibre!
It's just wonderful to touch!

I gave her little rusty red coloured toes and nose which just set her off nicely!  I even had a go at mini knitting again and I think I did ok!

This is Barlow!  He's felted in the most glorious teal colour!  It's a bit different from any other that I had so I had to scoop it up when I saw it for sale at the show! lol  I think the lime sets it off nicely!

Aww, he has those big soulful teddy eyes!

Scruffy was created at one of the shows!  Neat fibre, has rayon in it and was just right for a scruffy little doggie.  This pup is currently travelling around Switzerland with my lovely friend Veronika!

Scruffy has been the start of rather a dogpile, I have a few others to make in his likeness and strangely enough they are all turning out really tiny!  Bit fiddly when it comes to the 4 legs! lol
Well I hope you liked the newbies!  I've made a couple of other things lately but you will have to wait to see those! :o)  I hope to update the adoptions page again soon too and I will pop a note on here when that is done!

Happy crafting and thanks for stopping by!