Tuesday, 20 July 2010

New baby bears to show you!!

Hi Everyone!

Well while you are wracking your brains over what my little bear Peaches may be made of, here is some eye candy for you to coo over!

Buddy and Bella are sweet little baby bears, needle felted from a gorgeous corriedale fibre in plum for Buddy and Blue for Bella! They turned out so well, I made Bella first and then decided I could try making a matching partner from the other wool. I surprised myself that I got them so similar as it's quite tricky to even get bears the same size with needle felting! :o)

This is Buddy! He has a gorgeous mini knitted beret he can wear lots of ways!
His corresponding wool is a beige/cream natural wool! Don't you love his bright purple nose!!

They look so sweet together!

Bella wears a lovely silk flower and vintage ribbon/trim I found somewhere!

They both have those big, innocent eyes!
Hope you enjoyed visiting! Keep guessing on the giveaway, shall I give you a clue? No one has guessed right yet!! Yikes!! You still get entries for guessing tho! lol
Happy crafting to all


julietk said...

They do indeed look very sweet together (and apart) Mini Bear Hugs Juliet

~da tigger~ said...

Gorgeous wee babies Liza! Such a cute lil beret.. and the expression on Bella's lil face is heart-melting! Just begs you to pick her up and cuddle her.

VivK said...

these are so cute - the eyes look so soulful and you just want to pick them up for a cuddle!

BumbleVee said...

I know what you mean by even trying to get them the same size with needle felting... never mind looking alike...

love the little knitted hat... do use patterns or just whip them up? A friend says she will try to knit some for me...I don't know how to knit.... but, she wondered if there are any tiny patterns anywhere? ....

Conni said...

Miraculous little bears. I know how difficult it is to receive twins.
The little bears well fit to mean.

Lots of love

Heather said...

Oh the baby bears are just too cute!!!

Sharon's Place said...

too cute, love them Liza :o))