Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Just days until the Big Show!

Hi Everyone!
Just wanted to pop in before I get too busy and let you know where things are up to for the big craft show coming up this weekend!

I've had so much prep to do, most of the bears were finished weeks ago, but I still had 26 little bears to tag and price.  I also had to buy backdrops, paint displays and decide who goes and who stays!  I find that really hard as I just want to take everyone, but a crowded table doesn't do anyone any favours I have found!  The more bears that are on the table the less they stand out and show their full potential! :o)

So along with doing all those things I have been updating my Little Handfuls website.  I discovered it has been 2 years since I last updated it!  Wow, that went by fast!  So we are about to upload the new pages and lovely new photos tonight, that's Tues evening GMT so if it's after that when you read this go and check it out!!  I would love to say I will remember to drop by and tell you when it's live but I don't think  I will have time!  http://www.mylittlehandfuls.com/

Anyway, I just can't do a post without showing you a new bear, so this is Wisteria, she is sister to Primula who I showed you a couple of weeks ago (she should be there if you scroll down).  I really like this style of bear, their faces are so sweet and fine featured.

Primula is needle  felted from Living Felts merino tops which are in such gorgeous colours this year, you gotta go check them out! http://www.livingfelt.com/

 Isn't she sweet?  It's such a lovely warm purple!
Just look at that face and tell me you're not smitten! :o)

Ok, it's back to the many lists of jobs to do for me!  Guess I can tick off 'post on blog' now huh? lol  I so wish I could meet you all at the show, they say it's a small world but sometimes I could handle it being a bit smaller!

Love to all and happy crafting!

Monday, 20 June 2011

Big Show Coming Up!

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to pop in and let you know that things are pretty busy here at the Little Handfuls studio!  Lots of new bears, but also a big show coming up in just 2 weeks!  I wish I could meet you all there, but it's here in little 'ole New Zealand and I know most of you aren't! :o)

Those who are, pop down to the Dunkleys show on 1 - 3 July at the Claudelands Event Centre (lovely new building!!) I would love to meet you and share my little creations with you!

Then, later in the month I am lucky enough to have been selected for the Teddies Worldwide online show starting 15 July, so you can ALL come to that one!  I will let you know more info closer to the  time!

For now, here are a few bears that will be at the shows!

 Butternut is needle felted in merino with felted Vest and Hat!    Carlton holds a Lily!
 Flicker is felted from merino/silk, love her gorgeous wings!
 George is a more traditional bear, love the scarf!  Primula has flowers on her paws to match the one by her ear!

Friday, 10 June 2011

Doodle bugs anyone?

Hi Everyone! I've been so busy felting I've been forgetting about blogging! I'm so very sorry! :o)

I came up with something fun and new last week, doodlebugs are a bit of fun, and these two are rather quirky so I hope you enjoy meeting Doodle and Bugsie.

This is Bugsie, he's the second one I made. They both have wired limbs so they can be posed, and also for strength as their limbs are rather skinny.
I just love the antennae and did different ones but with similarities for each of them.

Here they both are, what do you think?

You can see Doodle's happy grin in this pic. He wears a lovely flower pendant!

They are both felted from Living Felt merino tops, just the most gorgeous fibres and colours I have had the pleasure of playing with in ages!