Friday, 10 June 2011

Doodle bugs anyone?

Hi Everyone! I've been so busy felting I've been forgetting about blogging! I'm so very sorry! :o)

I came up with something fun and new last week, doodlebugs are a bit of fun, and these two are rather quirky so I hope you enjoy meeting Doodle and Bugsie.

This is Bugsie, he's the second one I made. They both have wired limbs so they can be posed, and also for strength as their limbs are rather skinny.
I just love the antennae and did different ones but with similarities for each of them.

Here they both are, what do you think?

You can see Doodle's happy grin in this pic. He wears a lovely flower pendant!

They are both felted from Living Felt merino tops, just the most gorgeous fibres and colours I have had the pleasure of playing with in ages!


Birgit/Schlossbaerchen said...

such a sweet guy
nice Day
hugs Birgit

Tine said...

WOW.....wonderful idea!!!
They look so funny and I love the little smile ♥♥♥
My favorite is the blue/yellow one!!!
Bear hugs,

Iris said...

Liza, they are both so cute with their antennae! Hugs, Iris