Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Show's over and latest work!

Hi Everyone!  I hope you have been enjoying a productive few weeks since I last posted pics!  I've been madly felting away, even though none of my new work made it to either of the shows, I was just having fun anyway! :o)  Anything I make during show time I don't have time to tag and photograph so they just have to wait until next time!

The shows went well, it's always fun hanging out for a whole weekend with friends creating furry little creatures.  During the 3 day show I almost finished 3 creations, the last one just needed a face! :o)  2 have already been given away!

I was thoroughly enjoying making the little girl below though, and was glad she didn't get completed in time to be sold as I wouldn't have gotten to spend any time with her at all!  Helen is felted from 2 wools I blended together myself.  One is a gorgeous silk fibre I imported from Living Felt and the other is a natural NZ corriedale, so soft and fine I could hardly believe it was a corriedale at all! :o)

I love her crumpled trunk and big soft ears.  She has toenails and 'seams' down her body to give her a hand sewn look.  She is wearing a lovely little skirt and sits on a blanket I knitted myself!  I'm not much of a knitter but it actually does look good!  Teeny little needles and fine thread were used!

 Helen can see you down there!

She is quite big, over 4 inches tall and loves to pose with her blankie.  I'm really enjoying having cuddles with her 'cos I know she will find her new home soon, people have been asking after her already! :o)

I hope you enjoyed dropping by, if you ever want to stay in touch with me and my work more please look for us on facebook.  Little Handfuls have their own fan page so you can 'like' us and then see all the hundreds of photos in our albums!  We always love to hear from you too!

Happy crafting!

Saturday, 16 July 2011

The online show has started!!

Hi Everyone, just wanted to let you know that the online show with Teddies Worldwide has started!

You can pop over and see work from 75 artists from all around the world, plus me!!  I've got 10 of my little bears listed and I hope you will come on by and see all the gorgeous work everyone has done!

This show just goes for 48 hours and it as about 4 hours in as I write this!

Don't miss out!


And click on the Bears on Parade banner which will take you to the show page! :o)