Monday, 15 September 2008

Some new Bears!

Hi Everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the changing seasons and keeping those hands busy! Over my side of the world we are finally heading into the warmer weather, I have had more than enough of the rain, dark miserable days and the cold! Sick kids are no fun either and I will be so glad to spend more time outside!

Of course there are those evenings in front of the telly still and thats when my felting is mostly done! Here are a few of my newer bears to share with you, hope you like them!

Lurple is a purple and lime coloured experiment in colour combinations.
I was quite pleased with how he turned out! He is much brighter in person!

River is felted in a lovely soft blue colour and wears his dark grey coat and hat with style!

Sweetums was a farewell pressie for my boss who left us this month! She is felted in a soft blue/grey wool which I mixed summer glitz into so she is nice and sparkly. With a pink heart on her tum and white hearts on her feet, she is very sweet!

Tang is one of my new favourites. Felted in Ashfords Merino/silk blend he is such a sweetie, I just love that rounded head and I used a shiny orange thread for his nose!

I've had a very creative couple of months, check out the new additions below, they were so much fun to make and only about 2 inches tall, the smallest is just over 1 inch. And I am currently working on an alpaca and a zebra! :o) Happy crafting and catch you next time!! xx


BumbleVee said...

I love little Lurple! So cute....

HElen said...

Those bears are SO adorable!