Saturday, 29 May 2010

New Friends

Hi Everyone! Time to share some new work with you all! Winter is settling in and we are in for frosty mornings, ice on the windscreen and lots of blankies at night!


So I will pretend it's not here as much as I can, and sit creating some friendly folk to keep me company! :o)

Meet some of my new friends:

This is Squeekers! My first felted rat! He has lovely long limbs and a long pink tail!

Pippin is felted in a gorgeous imported wool blend, its really different!

Magnus was created during my last felting class, the girls did really well with their creations too. Magnus was sold as soon as class finished to one of the school locals! :o) He is the best standing bear I have made and I hope his name sake will love him!

This little fellow is very bright in Living Felt Merino batts!

Ashley is felted in a natural wool, I loved the random cream and brown ash colouring!

Well, that's it from me this week! I do have some more Momiji/Kokeshi dolls to share tho! Stay tuned for those!
Happy crafting,


BumbleVee said...'s winter here too....even if it is supposed to be summer. A week or so was +27C it is 0C and snowing if you please!!! waaaaahhhhh..... I'm fed up with this damn weather...

Your little ratty is cute....

Irma said...

I LOVE Pippin! So cute, and love the colours!

Alecia said...

I love Pippin! Such color! Wonderful!