Thursday, 20 August 2009

Whats New!

Ok, in an attempt to forget my current woes here are some pics of my latest work.

I recently had to make up some samples for a 4 day workshop, so the first ones are a few examples of what we could do over that long weekend. I have something else in the works but don't want to show until it's finished!

These are just some basic wet felted soaps, done with merino, very easy

This ornament is just a ball on a base, it does take a long time to felt it down nice and hard, but then you can decorate it as you wish!

Badges! This was free form onto commercial felt from a photo

This was done using water soluble fabric for the pattern and felting onto a commercial piece of felt. Really pleased with how this works, you could do almost anything with this method!

Henry was felted for my last One day class as an example of the gorgeous romney wool we were using. He is a big boy, almost 4 inches, and he has lovely features!

Twit Twoo is a birdy type thing, another example of decorating a ball

Harley is one of my new favourites. I actually made him during the one day class, his head wasn't felted as hard as I usually would, but it meant that his eyes sank further in giving him a different look. I really like how he finished up!

Gnome Girl!! It had to be done, had seen a pic of one and had to do one for myself. She turned out ok I think. I had to make a second face for her as wasn't happy with the first one!

Finn is a real baby looking bear. He was felted in the same romney we used for the day class. It's amazing how many different looking bears you can get from the same supplies!

Hope you enjoyed looking at the new work. I've just donated 2 bears to a charity auction which is being held in Sept, so hope those go well!
Thanks once again for your interest in my work, I really do appreciate it and all the lovely comments that are sent my way are a balm for my soul!
Beary huggles,


gunknitter said...

Hallo! It`s always a pleasure to visit your blog, Liza :))

Sharon's Place said...

again gorgeous stuff there... hey I see brooches for the flat felted butterfly etc :o))..would go well at the markets I bet!

apple wrangler said...

i love that bird! you are so good!
i have just been learning about needle felting, if you have any tips for me.. i just posted smoe things ive been working on...
thanks:) alyssa