Monday, 20 July 2009

Currently available Bears!

Hi all

Here are some bears that are currently awaiting adoption here at Little Handfuls. If you would like more info about any of them please feel free to ask. You can also click on the pics to see nice big versions of them! Thanks for dropping by!

Filbert, felted in 2 shades of mauve he is just gorgeous $65nzd
Tibbs and his wirework pram are $65nzd, love the crochet suit!

Alpie is felted in natural Alpaca fibre, he is a blue ribbon winner and just $60nzd

Tamarillo is felted in an amazing blend of merino wools, very unique with his multi coloured embroidered features to compliment his look. $65

Jinx is quite different with his big eyes and sculpted features. he is felted in blue and mauve! $45nzd

Camey is felted in a blend of wools to make apricot to match her gorgeous cameo resin shoe. They make a stunning display, $55nzd

Ugly Duckling stands on his wee bit of land, he is a true one of a kind

Princess Jewelly is a truely elegant bear. She wears her gorgeous sparkles with style. Felted in deep plum shades she is $65nzd

Peaches is another very unique bear. She was made to match the gorgeous goose egg box below. Felted in a hand mixed blend of wools and with vintage lace they make a gorgeous display anyway you arrange them.

$75nzd including gift box.


Chris said...

Your bears are just so adorable! I have tried felting so many times I cannot get them to come out. What is the secret?

Rosey said...

LOL!! Ugly duckling is brilliant :o)