Monday, 21 June 2010

Handfuls of Handfuls! :o)

Hi Everyone! Hope all is well in your world!! Sun is shining, birds are singing, kids are behaving (none of the above? Sounds like my world then! lol)

We are right into winter now, it's always very wet where we live, notorious for wet winters, damp, windy springs, humid summers and stormy autums! Sound fab to you? Lets do a houseswap then!! :) I'm soooooooo over it!!

So while I'm pouring cough syrups down my 8 yr old and trying to keep socks on my 4 yr old I've somehow managed to do some bears as well! (I've given up telling my 11 yr old what to do, he apparently is the most hard done by kid in the world, fancy not getting to play computer games all day, oh the horror!!)

But I digress!!

Here is Kenneth! He is felted from a very interesting Alpaca fibre, it's much coarser than my lighter coloured alpacas but it's a nice teddy colour!

He's well dressed in his vest and 'tie'

I've realised I should photograph my bears in hand slightly differently, looks good!
This is Max, he is felted in a neat romney hand dyed blend!
I do love my unique hand dyed wools!

CandyFly is felted for an order, not sure if she is up to the customers expectations yet, but she has turned out ok.

Very girly isn't she?

Ben is my current favourite. If felted him in Ashfords new Spice coloured merino/silk.
I did his head nice and round and it gives him a neat little teddy look!

Hope you enjoyed visiting my latest furry friends! I have something very cheerful and fun on the way soon (touch wood) so hope to show you that very shortly!


Heather said...

Kenneth! He is my absolute favourite so far! What a handsome thing! I sure wish I could felt up a storm and come up with something half as delightful! Do you sell ALL your creations? You must want to keep them when they come to life at the end of mastering their little parts! Thanks for sharing again!

Alecia said...

Oh Liza! I love Kenneth's vest and tie!!! and Ben is soo sweet!