Thursday, 10 June 2010

Invasion of the Puddy Tat

I was attempting to take some photos last week of my new bears when my darling Marmalade Tomcat named Milo came along to give me some smooching! I had so much trouble taking the photos as he kept bunting my arms and hands!

After a few minutes of laying it on REAL thick he realised that food was not forthcoming so he decided to get right in my face where I couldn't miss him. So he jumped up on the chair/backdrop and proceeded to show my bears some gorgeous, ginger puddy love!

Isn't he beautiful? He's so big, bigger than my (admittedly small breed) dogs! And we weighs a ton. He also has the biggest Meow and has figured out how to knock on the door, this involves him sitting up on his back legs and hitting the door with both front legs at once. It's remarkably loud and on nights when I am on my own with hubby working late, a loud bang on the door scares the wits out of me!
If he falls asleep ontop of you in bed it's all over, forget about rolling him off, he sticks like glue and if it's light enough to see you will notice him giving you the 'how dare you?' look. Pays to shut up and go to sleep! lol He's a total honey tho, big purrs and lots of dribbles. He's scared of almost everything and everyone except his family! Although NO ONE is allowed to touch his tummy, which is very hard as he is always sleeping on his back with his legs open, (very elegant) curly belly showing and you aren't allowed to touch it!! Attempting to do so results in a lesson in just how fast the boy can move, and teethmarks somewhere on your hand! :o( Big Meanie, I mean really, he shouldn't go showing it off if we can't touch!!
Ok, thats enough about my hunka burnin puddy! We actually have so many pets that if I wrote as much about each one I could print it up and call it a novel! :o)
Thanks for suffering through my waffle, next post will be more bear related I promise! hehe


BumbleVee said...

I love your big fluffy guy ....and especially love how he was lovin' on your little guys! What an old softie ... ....

oooohhhh...I'd be chancing a set of teeth marks too...I know I would. Gotta ruffle an exposed tummy!

Alecia said...

OMG! Liza - he is HANDSOME! I am feeling the itch of a needle felted bear in my hands lately....... When you gonna add to your etsy store, hmmmm????

Robin Andreae said...

He's beautiful!

The House Of Genista said...

How beautiful Milo is! A stunning cat!