Monday, 12 May 2008

Nearly show time! Time for some new friends!

Hello again my faithful followers! lol Nice to see you here again!

This week I have a few new friends to show you and there are lots on the way as it's nearly show time again! Only 2 weeks to go until the Hamilton Doll, Teddy Bear and Craft show!

This 2 day event is gearing up to be especially good this year with new organisers and lots of new ideas, including (much to my relief and joy) the return of the competitions. So I have 7 bears entered and I am most excited to be finally competing!! I will take lots of pics at the show for you but for now here are some of my newest friends.

Here is something new! This Fawn was made using some new sculpting ideas I found online, he has that lovely bandy legged baby look to him with wire in his legs and the sweetest little tail.

Filbert is my latest favourite, he is felted from plum and pink/lavender shades of wool. He has the sweetest little face and is a bit different I think!

Well it was time for another Anime bear, so here is Hannah, she is felted in a deep blue with a rose pink. She now has a sparkly necklace and blue bow by her ear!

Do you think I have enough Pipe Cleaner bears?? I decided it would be good to fill out the table and have some cheaper items for folks at the show. I tried a few new things this time round with a poodle, bumble bee, squirrel and cat.

Well, that's it for now. I will have more pics for you soon as I already have another 2 bears waiting their turn!

Thanks for popping by again, hope you enjoyed your visit!



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