Thursday, 8 November 2007

Here's some Bears!!

Hi Everyone and thanks once again for dropping by to visit! I hope you will enjoy your visit even more this month as I am so pleased with these new creations. I seem to have found my felting niche at the moment and I'm really enjoying it. Fingers crossed that it doesn't disappear too soon!

I have experimented with different wools lately and there are a few merino ones in this lot!
Hope you like them! Liza

This little bear is felted from a gorgeous merino blend, I just love the big paw pads!

Snookie is felted from wool I dyed myself! Yay, so pleased with lil ole me! I used Koolaid and it's so easy. I've got more experimenting to do yet tho! :o)

Yes, it is indeed a Mermaid! Rather a big one too, she's about 10 - 11 inches long but sits with her tail curved etc so is about 6 inches tall sitting. She is felted over a wire armature and has soy silk hair!

Not sure if she is completely finished yet, needs fatter arms I think and maybe some embellishing.

Bronson is my favourite this week. He is so sweet, felted from a rather coarse fibre he is nice and scruffy but I just love the toes and the glasses. Doesn't his bow tie suit him so well too!

Camey is my cameo bear, she comes with this gorgeous mini shoe and wears a crochet ruffle at her neck.

Citra is another felted from wool I dyed. I mixed a lovely soft lime shade with a soft orange, I really like the effect. I enjoyed making big eyes again too! :o)

Eddie the Teddy! He's just a basic bear but still a sweetie. He is felted in an apricoty wool and I made him as my example bear for my latest felting class.

This little darling doesn't have a name yet, guess my creativity is sapped a bit today, it's just not coming to me like they usually do. I finished this one a few hours ago, and just love the colours. I suppose I could call her Mandy because of the mandarin colour she is made of!

Ok, hope you liked them all, guess I had better get to the business of making my tags!! Huggles to all!! Liza


Calvina Walsh said...

Hi Liza! I agree, I think you HAVE found your needlefelting niche! Wonderful creations-Love your mermaid. Hugs, Calvina :o)

Vee said...

Hiya Liza ... you have been a busy girl over here... lol...I love to come and check out what you are up to.

Your mermaid was a lot of felting..whew!!! I like her arms as they are ..makes her seem quite a delicate creature.. I think you are right about perhaps some little embellishment.... perhaps a little string of pearls..a shell to hold? a mini seahorse? ...

The new little bears are all cute. I seem to have fallen off my wagon... not done much at all since hurting my back 3 weeks ago..but feel much better now.

Christmas stuff is in the shops now.. and I found two tiny sleighs. I want to make a little "skinny bottomed" guy to fit into it. I made one a couple of Christmases ago but some woman bought him right out of the sleigh. I had always planned to make another & now I have 3 little tiny sleighs...better get busy eh?

Quirky Critters said...

Hi Liza, what an aray of wonderful creations, love seeing what your up to, Your mermaid is just beautiful, love those eyes. And your koolaid dyed bear is wicked. Hugs Sammie:O)P.S. Can you email me your addy please so I can send your bearie prize:O)