Monday, 21 February 2011

Latest Bears!

Hi all

Thought I better get you up to date on the beary happenings here at Little Handfuls! I've had a few bears to show you, but actually getting more made lately than I have time to blog about! How unusual is that? lol So here are some of the newer bears!

Purplinkle was made for an order, she is a teeny little merino blend bear!
She turned out so sweet, very pleased with her!
Dickens is a sweet little bunny, needle felted from a gorgeous natural corriedale wool with hand dyed merino accents!
He is a little bigger than usual at 4.5 inches tall! What a sweet face!
Turquoise is just a little slip of a thing! As you can see he's only about 2 inches tall and felted from merino/silk wools! Little cutie!

I have finished another bear this week too and Im really pleased with him, but you will have to wait to see his pics! :o) Have a great week everyone!


ViviBijoux said...

wow, you have been busy. lovely new little bears ^_^ Virginie

Heather said...

Great little creations! I'll be starting on your quilt this coming week. I got behind a few days since we decided to start spring cleaning and de-cluttering early here and also my hubby decided we needed a new living room set (furniture). ACK! So much to do! I'll try and remember what you mentioned were your favourites if I can't locate that email. Hopefully you don't mind if I use some creative license and wing it a little! Have a great day!

Be's Hombi-Bären said...

Liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz von Beatebe Liza, da hast Du aber wieder ganz bezaubernde kleine Wesen genadelt, die gefallen mir richtig gut. Schade, das Du sooo weit weg wohnst.